After last week’s episode, fans are frantically looking to find The Walking Dead spoilers! Who will die in TWD S07, E03? Check out these predictions!

In June 2016, AMC threatened to sue a fan site over their The Walking Dead spoilers. In the season 6 finale, villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed someone from the beloved group with his infamous weapon, Lucille, but it wasn’t revealed which character he killed! Fans took to the web to express their shock, rage and even disgust. To avoid any The Walking Dead season 7 spoilers from being leaked, AMC contacted The Spoiling Dead Fans’ website and threatened to file a lawsuit if they wrote their predictions of who would die in the season 7 premiere. TWD spoilers ruin episodes for fans, especially when they reveal information about key characters. Thankfully, the situation is under control and we’ve got some safe predictions about The Walking Dead s07e03, thanks to The Walking Dead season 7, episode 3 promo. Who will die in TWD s07e03? Here’s what some sources are predicting.

Predictions about Maggie

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) fell to pieces when she saw Negan brutally murder her husband, Glenn (Steven Yeun), in the season 7 premiere. When she finally came out of her paralytic shock, she nearly ran off on her own to avenge his death and leave the group behind. Her group convinced her to go back with them, but Maggie has a serious desire to give Negan and the Saviors what’s coming to them. Xander Berkeley, who plays Gregory, spoke to about a confrontation that may come in the next episode between him and Maggie. “[Maggie’s] a little carried away with herself, frankly, if you ask me,” he said. Since season 6, Maggie and Gregory did not get along and the two have drastically different ideas for how to deal with the Saviors and their own people. In episode 3, we might see the tension between them rise.

Predictions About Daryl

In another teaser video, viewers are introduced to yet another new location. Daryl (Norman Reedus) looks terrified under Negan’s rule and shows a shadow of his former self, before finding home in Rick Grimes’ group. It’s heartbreaking to see Daryl in this state, but we’re confident the character will make an incredible comeback—it’s Daryl we’re talking about!

“The Cell” Promo Video Teaser

The description for the upcoming Sunday night episode is titled, “The Cell.” The synopsis reads: “A new group of survivors seem to have it all in their impressive community; however, there is a price.” Viewers will see Rick Grimes’ group of survivors learn more about The Kingdom and realize there is more than what meets the eye. Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on the show, told Den of Geek about last Sunday’s episode saying, “The Kingdomites, they’ve got it going on! It’s a very interesting place, interesting characters, and of course, there’s King Ezekiel. I’m excited that the fans are going to get to see him, finally.” Fans will be fascinated to learn more about this group and see how they help the Rick’s group that resides within their walls.

Be sure to tune into AMC at 9:00 p.m. EST on Sunday to catch the next episode of The Walking Dead.