The Voice results on tonight’s episode will reveal which 10 contestants make it through to the next round. The decision gets tougher for the judges, who grow more attached and are more impressed with the singers each week. Last week’s top 12 episode sent one of Alicia Keys’ contestants home, and tonight, fans are guessing which contestant will be eliminated from the 11 remaining finalists.

Last week on The Voice, Sa’Rayah from Team Alicia Keys was eliminated, shocking fans and surprising the audience. Tonight’s episode will also bid adieu to another contestant and several sites are already predicting the outcome. Many believe that Courtney Harrell might be eliminated from Team Blake, or Aaron Gibson might be eliminated from Team Miley. On Monday night’s episode, the top 11 took the stage to compete for America’s votes, hoping to win a spot in the top 10. Here is The Voice results prediction ahead of Tuesday’s episode.

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The Voice Results Predictions: Who Will Be Eliminated Tonight?

Monday’s The Voice episode featured music from every genre thanks to songs from Nine Inch Nails to Rihanna. The contestants who will be singing their hearts out to avoid elimination are Ali Caldwell (Team Miley), Sundance Head (Team Blake), Aaron Gibson (Team Miley), Courtney Harrell (Team Blake), Josh Gallagher (Team Adam), Billy Gilman (Team Adam), Christian Cuevas (Team Alicia), Austin Allsup (Team Blake), Darby Walker (Team Miley), Brendan Fletcher (Team Adam), and Wé McDonald (Team Alicia).

Gold Derby listed its predictions for which contestant is likely to be eliminated from each team. According to user interactions, fans are predicting that no one will be sent home from Alicia’s team or Adam’s team, but that Miley could lose Aaron this week and Blake could lose Courtney.

Courtney Harrell channeled her inner Whitney Houston to sing “What I Did for Love,” on Monday’s episode. Alicia was blown away saying, “You are such a pure soul. You do what the greatest singers do. I am so happy you sang that song because it is a very specific song and you took it to a place that was so personal. You took America on a journey.” Blake, her coach, said this was the happiest he’s seen her since he’s known her and he could tell she gave her very best.

Team Miley’s Aaron started off in the bottom two, but was saved by the vote on Twitter last week. He sang NIN’s “Hurt,” which was suggested by his coach (Miley) because it highlighted his raspy voice. To his performance, Adam said, “That is the coolest song. I remember when it came out. It is so awesome that it is on the show and you are doing it. Your voice is crazy. It is the perfect song for you to do. It isn’t always the happiest thing in the world to be human, and those emotions should be represented.” Aaron’s biggest cheerleader, coach Miley, added, “Last week after you were in the bottom two, I don’t think you could have given anything more to that performance. This will probably be the strongest performance of the night. This week, I wanted you to feel comfortable and to showcase the artist that you are.”

Be sure to watch The Voice tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST on NBC to find out who will get eliminated and who will make it to the top 10!

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