The Truth About Why Women Cheat


The Truth About Why Women CheatA lot of women apparently expect a lot more than a steamy hookup when they’re having an affair. A European dating web site designed to match up spouses looking for an extramarital affair (similar to Ashley Madison in North America) conducted a survey to find out exactly what women really expect from the partner they’re having an affair with. Of the 3,250 members polled, over half of the women (55.2%) admitted that they expect their illicit partner to cover the dating costs. Men, on the other hand, don’t mind footing the bill—only about eight percent expected their affair partner to cover the costs.

If a woman is having an affair, making sure the “other man” covers the dating expenses is a good way to avoid unexplainable bills and expenses. Cheating men, however, don’t seem to be too worried about getting caught that way. Plus, women like to be spoiled, which might be why they started having an affair in the first place, and why a lot of women turn to a rich sugar daddy. They want to be wined and dined, and that’s not something they’re getting at home from their husbands, so they expect that from their affair.

Other results from this survey also support this theory. Not only do cheating women expect their affair partner to pay for their secret rendezvous, but a significant majority of them (69.2%) also expect to be spoiled with lavish gifts. Again, they’re most probably having an affair because they’re lacking something at home. Being showered with gifts by their secret partner validates the affair in a way because they’re getting that attention they need.

What do you think: Do women cheat and have affairs because they’re not getting what they need at home?



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