The Truth About What Older Men Are Really Looking For in a Partner


age_gap_dating_september24_13People often say it’s hard to figure out what women want, but a lot of women will argue that men aren’t always as easy to read as they think they are. If you’re trying to decipher what older men want in a relationship, it’s a little easier when you know what they don’t want.

A recent survey polled over 2,000 singles between the ages of 50 and 65 to find out about their dating desires. It turns out that the three biggest dating deal breakers for older singles (in order) are poor health, financial stability, and physical attractiveness. This says a lot about why so many older men are intrigued by the idea of having a young sugar baby—they’re young, beautiful, and healthy. The financial stability part makes sense too because a lot of older men don’t necessarily want their sugar baby to be 100% dependent on them—he wants to pamper and spoil you, as opposed to covering every single little expense for you.

The survey also found that slightly more than half of the older men surveyed admitted that they have no interest in marriage. They’re more focused on maintaining a healthy relationship, and if that leads to marriage, then fine, but they aren’t necessarily pursuing a relationship in the hopes that it will lead to a wedding. Again, this supports why men opt for the sugar daddy lifestyle—you can still be in a happy, committed relationship while still having the understanding that it doesn’t have to lead to marriage.

What do you think: Would you be open to dating an older man knowing that he doesn’t want to get married?



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