Tamar and Vince Season 4 premiered on television last night and it became all the rage on Twitter. Fans could not get enough of Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert, calling the former inspirational and elegant. Take a look at the most interesting reviews the show- and Braxton-received.

One fan echoed what the majority of people were thinking. They wrote, “I love how real @TamarBraxtonHer is about everything! She’s a real woman & NOBODY can take that from her #TamarAndVince [sic].” Retweeted by Braxton herself, it is clear how much this meant to the reality star. Another fan also praised the former Dancing With the Stars participant, saying, “Mother, wife, singer song write, producer ta, tv host and dancer yea @TamaerBraxtonHer is the real MVP [sic].”

Her two-year-old son, Logan Vincent also got a lot of attention with comments such as, “Lognan is so cute!” and, “Can we talk about how BIG Logan has gotten! He’s adorable, and so smart & loving!”


An image shared by a follower completely sums up the most bizarre and amusing statement: “My back is only supposed to be cracked by Vincent Herbert [sic].”


Even on Facebook, Braxton shared a photo of the fact that #TamarAndVince “Just Started Trending,” which attracted several kind comments. One included, “Loved, loved Tamar and Vince episode tonight. Also loved your Family Christmas episode. It reminded me so much of my family’s Christmas gatherings when I was growing up. We had so much fun during holidays, and every Sunday our entire family got together for dinner. So happy to see your family so united! [sic].”

Image Source: Facebook/ Tamar Braxton-Herbert 

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