older_man_younger_woman_august15_13There has always been this common assumption that all men think about is sex—how, when, where, and with whom. But it turns out they’re not the only ones. New research out of Ohio State University shows that, although young women don’t think about sex quite as often as men do, they do think about it a lot. According to the results of a study based on students between the ages of 18 and 25, young women thought about sex, on average, at least once an hour—every 51 minutes to be exact. That works out to 18.6 times a day when you factor in eight hours for sleep.

Not surprisingly, young men, on average, thought about sex twice as often—every 28 minutes, or 34.2 times in a day with eight hours for sleeping. But the data for this survey was self-reported—the participants were asked to make note of every time they thought about sex—which makes the numbers a little skewed. Women generally aren’t supposed to be thinking about sex, and so some degree of societal pressure may cause them to underreport, or straight-up lie, about how many sexual thoughts cross their mind.

Furthermore, the numbers represent an average, which means every young woman is different. The highest number of times that a female participant in this study admitted to thinking about sex was 140 times in a day, which works out to once every seven minutes. Clearly, there is going to be some variation.


That being said, this study does make one point very clear—that both men and women are sexual. It isn’t only men who have sex on their mind; women are just as likely to have erotic thoughts.

What do you think: Do women think about sex more or less than 18 times a day? Do you think these numbers sound accurate?


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