It started as a breakup rumor, but now it’s confirmed: 19-year-old Courtney Stodden’s marriage to 53-year-old Doug Hutchison is officially over. The news first surfaced about the demise of this celebrity couple’s May-December relationship when sources revealed that Stodden tapped into a newfound sense of independence and decided she didn’t need her famous older man to look after her anymore.

Stodden’s rep has now released a statement confirming that the celebrity couple is moving to end their controversial marriage by mutually filing for a legal separation. “As you know, Courtney was married at a young age. Now, at 19, she’s interested in exploring life as an unmarried single young adult—with the freedom to explore her independence,” said the statement. In other words, she wants to be able to explore her options, and we can’t blame her.

The celebrity couple maintained that it was an amicable breakup and that they will continue to be the “best of friends for life.” In fact, Stodden’s rep revealed that they’re going to continue living together, albeit in separate bedrooms, and that Hutchison will still co-manage his ex-wife’s budding career in the spotlight. Their relationship was unconventional to begin with, but this new arrangement seems even stranger, even to us.


Stodden is already enjoying her new life as a single woman. Just hours after confirming her marriage was over, she was spotted heading out for a night on the town with a group of friends, complete with her skintight mini dress and six-inch platforms.

What do you think: Is it possible to maintain a professional relationship with an ex?


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Photo Credit: Helga Esteb /


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