People were definitely surprised when 50-year-old Johnny Depp started dating his The Rum Diary co-star, 27-year-old Amber Heard, but it wasn’t just because of the celebrity couple’s 23-year age difference. Before dating Depp, Heard was in a long-term relationship with a woman, photographer Tasya van Ree. Heard has recently become more open about her bisexuality, admitting that she’s proud of not hiding who she really is. “I’ve had many relationships throughout my adult life, and I’ve never been ashamed of any of them,” said Heard. “I’m not hiding from anyone.”

That includes not hiding anything from the older man she’s dating now. Depp is said to not only have accepted his younger woman’s sexuality, but is even embracing it in an attempt to strengthen their May-December relationship. Depp reportedly has a deal with Heard that she can explore her sexuality with women, but on one condition. “Johnny always knew this aspect of her life was important and he says as long as she makes it clear he’s her number one, she can do whatever she likes. It’s liberating for both of them,” a source dished to Look magazine. It’s this deal that has apparently made this celebrity couple’s May-December relationship so solid.

According to the insider, Heard has always been open with Depp about her interest in women and that she can’t change the fact that she’s bisexual. “He has now promised her it’s fine if she has someone on the side, as long as they’re the same sex.”


What do you think: Can this type of arrangement actually help a May-December relationship, or are Johnny Depp and Amber Heard just setting themselves up for a breakup?


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