What Time & Channel Does the “The Story of Diana” Come on Tonight?

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Princess Diana was known as the People’s Princess. She was an extraordinary woman whose life and death has been documented, enacted, and written so many times that fans have lost count. But, the Princess of Whales is once again in the eyes of the media with the new ABC documentary The Story of Diana. Read on if you want to know what time and channel The Story of Diana documentary will air tonight.

Princess Diana is a famous icon in both life and death. August 31, 2017 marks 20 years since her horrible and mysterious car crash, and ABC is marking the occasion. The Story of Diana is a documentary made with the permission of the royal family, and includes never before seen interviews and details about Princess Diana’s life. The documentary also has footage from home videos and new discussions with her family and friends. Scroll down to learn more about The Story of Diana preview and premiere.

What Channel is Princess Diana’s Documentary on Tonight?

ABC has put together a four-hour special about Princess Diana, which will span over two nights. The documentary will contain detailed interviews with those were were close to her. The Story of Diana will not only focus on the life she led, but also the effect she had on people after her untimely death.

Princess Diana tragically died when she was 36, and the mystery behind her death still baffles many. Speculation about Diana’s life and failed marriage continue today, and the upcoming documentary features those who were close to Diana, some speaking for the first time about her death. Her brother, Charles Spencer, will be featured in the ABC special talking about the aftermath of her untimely death, which he says he wishes he could have protected her from.


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The Story of Diana is a powerful documentary of the raw truth that Diana faced when she was alive. The documentary is a two-part release, with interviews from experts and people who were close to Diana, like Elizabeth Emanuel, the designer behind the princess’ iconic wedding dress, and Colin Tebbutt, her driver.


When Does the Princess Diana Documentary Come On?

You can catch The Story of Diana two-part documentary August 9 and 10 at 9:00 p.m. EST on ABC.

Diana Spencer was surely something else. She was constantly in the news for her charity work and public appearances, with photographers following her around wherever she went. Princess Diana was an inspiration to many, and especially those she loved. She redefined the tasks of a royal public figure, truly making her the People’s Princess. The Story of Diana is a tribute to the legend, loving mother, and legacy of Diana.


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