We know dating a sugar daddy is much more common among younger women today than it was a decade ago. But you may be surprised to hear just how many men are turning to the sugar daddy lifestyle—and how young they’re willing to go.

In fact, three quarters of sugar daddies (74%) are either dating or have dated a woman that’s at least 20 years their junior, according to a survey of 1,800 male members of a sugar daddy web site. That’s expected with sugar daddy relationships. But what’s even more interesting is that 70% of the male participants are actually fathers, and nearly half (42%) of these fathers admit that they do have relationships with younger women, or with women who are in the same age range as their own daughters.

Ever wondered how these daughters—or even sons for that matter—feel about their father being a sugar daddy? It turns out that only 32% of sugar daddies have ever told their kids about their intimate relationships with younger women.


These survey results are a clear indication that, for a lot of older men, being a father doesn’t really influence their decision to be a sugar daddy too. A lot of sugar daddies have already married and had kids of their own—they’re not looking to settle down and do the family thing all over again. Kids or no kids, most sugar daddies are just looking for someone they can have a good time with, whether it’s a romp in the sack or spoiling them with expensive gifts. All they need is a sugar baby who is willing to participate, even if that means dipping their toes into a pool of even younger women.

What do you think: Would you be OK with your dad dating a woman who was closer to you in age?

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