The Sexiest Thing About Dating a Wealthy Older Man

If you’re tired of dating run-of-the-mill guys and would rather meet a millionaire with class and an appreciation for romance, you’re not the only one. One U.K. woman, 32-year-old Nadia Essex, has made a life out of millionaire dating, and after getting a taste of the high life, she would never go back to dating “deadbeat” men.

“I like nice things and I’m not ashamed of that and I like going to nice dinners and I like romance. And wealthy guys are very romantic. I’m not the type of girl that will settle for the middle,” says Essex. Can you relate?

The self-proclaimed sugar baby decided after her family lost everything in the recession that millionaire dating, and eventually marriage, would be her way of ensuring that her own kids would always be financially secured. “My parents are great role models and they’ve built themselves back up, but in the end, I want to marry a guy with money and give my kids the best.” But Essex is quick to clarify that, at least for her, millionaire dating is about more than just the money. She still wants the whole fairy tale romance; the money is kind of like an added bonus that every woman secretly desires.

“A lot of people do settle, and I want to empower women and say you don’t have to settle. It’s OK to say you want someone who loves you, is loyal and trustworthy—and is wealthy,” says the sugar baby, adding that the extravagant gifts she gets in millionaire dating are no different from an ordinary man bringing home flowers. “Rich guys do the same, but on a bigger scale.”

And it doesn’t hurt that when it comes to millionaire dating, a wealthy man comes with a certain aura and charisma about him that can be very irresistible. As Essex puts it, “Power is an aphrodisiac.”

What do you think: Do you agree with this sugar baby’s views on millionaire dating?


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