Rumors of reality TV star Rob Kardashian splitting with his current flame, dancer and model Blac Chyna, are stirring up after an Instagram post hinting at a breakup got deleted hours after it went public. Rob Kardashian, who started dating the 27-year-old video vixen earlier this year, had to settle these rumors of a split when a recent post suggesting the celebrity couple’s breakup got deleted from their individual Instagram accounts at the same time.

Rob Kardashian and his girlfriend, Angela Renee White (a.k.a. Blac Chyna), both shared the same photo showing a lady lending out her hand in a welcoming gesture with captions that clearly hinted at a breakup. This photo (which has since been deleted) read in big letters, “When you just get out of a relationship and your hoe friend welcomes you back into the World of Hoe.”

Blac Cyna and Rob Kardashian both deleted these photos within a few hours of posting it, suggesting that it did not mean anything. Sources reportedly said that before sharing the pic, Rob and Chyna had supposedly talked about ending their relationship because it was “moving too fast” and they were having a lot nasty fights.


Rob Selfie

While these seem like genuine reasons for a breakup, the couple has since confirmed that they haven’t called off their relationship and were still very much into dating each other. This is speculated to be the reason why they removed the picture, and more importantly, why they shared it in the first place. Rob immediately trashed the breakup rumors by sharing the photo above on his Instagram. Rob captioned it, “Chy and I are not broken up we just feel like it would be a lot healthier for our relationship if we kept a lot more to ourselves. It’s impossible to have a positive relationship with so much negativity from the media and outsiders and we would appreciate it if everyone respects that -ChyRo [sic].” Kardashian also tagged his girlfriend in the post and added two diamond ring emoticons.

This “ChyRo” couple is quite mysterious when it comes to stating their relationship status. Blac Chyna’s dating history is one of the main reason why a breakup between them seems inevitable to so many people. Blac Chyna previously dated rapper Tyga and together they have a three-year-old son, King Cairo Stevenson, who was born in 2012 while they were still dating.

Blac Chyna

What makes the whole Kardashian family more messed up when it comes to relationships is that, while Rob is now dating Blac Chyna, Tyga is apparently in a committed relationship with Kylie Jenner, Rob’s younger stepsister. It must get quite awkward when Tyga and Kylie, and Rob and Chyna come face to face, especially because Blac Chyna has been involved in a  very public social media feud with not only Kylie, but also her older sister, Khloe Kardashian. Needless to say, the family dynamic would make for a viable reason for Rob and Blac Chyna going their separate ways. Tyga has also reportedly told Rob that having a baby with the sexy video vixen would be a “huge mistake” and will “cost him a fortune!”


At this point, it’s too soon to say much about Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, and but her selfies of cuddling up to Rob seem to show that “ChyRo” aren’t quite ready to give up on each other as yet. But then again, you never know what to expect with the Kardashians!

Photos: Instagram/blacchyna and robkardashian

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