The One Travel Destination You Should Never Let Your Lover Visit If You Want Them to Stay Faithful


If you cheat on your sugar daddy while you’re on vacation, would you fess up? We recently put this question out to readers and more than three-quarters (77.7%) of the respondents said they would keep their lips sealed. That might be because a lot of people are guilty of straying when they travel.

In a recent survey out of Britain, one in 20 respondents admitted to having an affair while on holiday, and they also revealed where they think it is mostly likely going to happen again: Ibiza, Spain. The travel hotspot was most commonly cited as the location where most people would be tempted to cheat. Ibiza was also named by more than half of the participants as the most likely city for someone to end a relationship in.

The survey delved a little deeper into people’s travel choices to uncover what might lead people to have an affair abroad. The results showed that more than half of the respondents pick a destination depending on how romantic it would be—it looks like Ibiza might be a little too romantic.

On a more positive note, the top travel destination for a marriage proposal was Paris, with Barbados being the top spot for eloping and Maldives for a destination wedding. So the next time you plan a getaway with your sugar daddy, you may want to think twice about where to go.


What do you think: Would you admit to cheating while on vacation?


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