Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, 43, and her older husband, 68-year-old Michael Douglas, have endured some rough times over the past couple of years. Less than a year after he was diagnosed with stage IV throat cancer (the most severe stage), she revealed that she was undergoing treatment for bipolar II disorder.

Both celebrities have since overcome their illnesses, and while Douglas has always been vocal about his wife’s health, Zeta-Jones hasn’t really opened up at all about her husband’s illness…until now. The actress is finally speaking out about how Douglas’ terrifying cancer diagnosis affected her and their two young kids. She admitted that when they first found out about his deteriorating condition, her first reaction was disbelief. “This happens to people all the time, but it’s still a huge shock when the cards start to fall and you realize, ‘My God, it really is happening to us,’” she told Stella magazine, adding that her friends, family, and even supportive strangers were her real strength throughout the ordeal.

Zeta-Jones also praised her husband for fighting so hard, and admitted that they didn’t try to shelter their kids from what was happening. “He was very open with the children. No secrets—they went and saw him having treatment. Together we all coped with everything. It did make us closer.”


This celebrity couple has stood by each others’ sides through thick and thin, which has paid off because after 13 years of marriage, they seem stronger than ever.

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