The One Thing That Could Keep You From Marrying a Millionaire


There are many factors that can lead to a couple’s decision to break up. It might take a little more to break up a marriage, but there’s one thing that has the power to destroy virtually any relationship: money.

A recent survey found that spending money behind your partner’s back can have a detrimental impact on your relationship. Of the 1,000 men and women polled, one in 10 admitted that secret spending was one of the factors that led to their divorce or separation. The reasons for hiding their expensive purchases were pretty obvious—36% were scared their partner would be angry, while 35% knew their partner wouldn’t approve of what they bought.

The survey also found that women were more likely than men to hide a credit card statement from their significant other. Women were also more likely to feel guilty for hiding how much money they spent.

This definitely isn’t the first connection that has been made between money and a couple’s decision to break up. Researchers from Kansas State University cited disagreements about money as the biggest predictor of divorce.


Money is a huge part of sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships, so even if you and your sugar daddy aren’t married, there’s a lesson to be learned here. Your sugar daddy doesn’t mind you spending his money; he probably wants you to. But do it openly. Unless you’re spending money on a surprise for him, make your purchases openly. We’re not saying you need to keep track of every little penny, but going out of your way to hide what you’re spending money on just gives him reason to doubt you. He’s worked hard for his money, and he’s not going to waste time on a sugar baby who’s just taking advantage of him. If you aren’t doing anything wrong, then you shouldn’t have to lie or hide about where his money is going.

What do you think: Would it be a deal breaker if you found out your sugar daddy was secretly spending money somewhere else?



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