Well here’s a pairing we never could have predicted! Long-time rapper and producer Missy Elliott has just received a very special invitation to a Super Bowl party. And while her being asked to attend one isn’t anything special, who would’ve thought she’d be invited by Alec Baldwin.

Elliott, dressed in her usual hip-hop style with a huge ring, lots of eye shadow, and a signature baseball hat to the side, showed off the invite on Twitter. The invitation is shaped like a white football, complete with gold stitches and stripes. With Baldwin’s name in a large font at the top, it reads in very fancy handwriting, “Alec Baldwin invites you to his Game Day party on Sunday, the Seventh of February Two thousand and sixteen.”

Missy Elliott was clearly excited to receive this invite and has every intention of attending, as shown in her comment, which reads, “Whooooooop! Hey @AlecBaldwin u know Missy gonna come thru! HOLLAAAA  [sic],” along with the hashtag “BaldwinBowl” and the emotes of footballs, a drink, and a party streamer.


Super Bowl 50, which will feature the Denver Broncos versus the Carolina Panthers, has some extra meaning for Alec Baldwin; he will be featured during the game in an ad for e-commerce giant Amazon—its first Super Bowl ad ever—where its Echo device helps him and Dan Marino hold a Super Bowl party. Perhaps this is a case of art imitating life? Or maybe Alec Baldwin just wants an audience around to compliment him once the ad airs. A teaser for the ad is already available online (you can watch it below), but it’ll still be nice to be surrounded by the biggest names in show business when Baldwin has his shining Super Bowl moment!



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