Christina Applegate recently watched the critically acclaimed film Room and it’s safe to say that it left her pretty messed up. Taking to Twitter to vent her ironic frustration of how well the movie was made, Applegate wrote, “Thank you ‘Room’ for f*cking me in the heart. Now I’m a mess and can’t sleep. Utter brilliance. Brie Larson has broken me. And that kid!!! [sic]”

Fans of Applegate and the book from which the film was based could relate very well to what the 44-year-old was saying. One replied, “I read the book and I just downloaded my sag screener. Can’t wait to watch but I’m scared of the feels. [sic]” The movie has received such positive reviews that Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 97%! Described as an “undeniably harrowing- and undeniable rewarding” movie, Room certainly managed to win over Applegate’s heart. However there were a few fans who recommended the Married…with Children star to read the novel. They wrote, “I really hope you read the book! If not…do it. Do it now. [sic]” Another seconded that with, “The book was intense and amazing. Give it a try if you haven’t already. I can’t wait to see the movie.”

Soon after Applegate tweeted that she had in fact done so. She wrote, “I read the book a long time ago. But the film just hit me so hard.” On this too, several Twitter users commented their agreement, saying things like, “I bawled my eyes out about 70 percent of the movie. Great performances too!” and, “Both the book and the movie made me cry. @brielarson & @JacobTremblay are amazing! [sic]”


Image Source: Flickr

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