Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

It’s no secret that many of us worry about aging gracefully, lest the ravages of time tear away at our youthful looks. Sound overdramatic? Well, you won’t think so after you see the photo Lucy Hale recently uploaded!

The Pretty Little Liars star used Instagram to give her fans quite a shock when she posted her latest pic. It’s hard to describe exactly what has been done to her, but we can safely say that she looks old, wrinkled, haggard and, well, kind of like a man! And the grumpy sourpuss expression she has on certainly isn’t helping, but if we looked like that, we’d be pretty miserable too!

What Lucy Hale wrote may have provided some insight into the nature of the actress’ transformation. “WTF. If this is what my future looks like, then this is truly only a face a momma could love. Thanks for aging me @internadam [sic],” she wrote, adding, “jk this was a recent photo,” and the hashtags “fountainofyouth,” “nomakeup,” and, “nofilter.” The person tagged is a friend of hers, Adam Davis, who is also a producer, so maybe this “new look” is part of something they’re working on together? Or maybe there are even some troubling times ahead for Hale’s character, Aria Montgomery, on Pretty Little Liars? Or it could just be she used a mobile app to change her appearance. Does it matter? It made for a hilarious post and she’s endearing either way!

Lucy Hale’s true fans know that beauty is only skin deep, liking the post over 237,000 times and leaving supportive comments such as, “How are you still pretty?!?!?! [sic]” “I don’t care how you look, I just love youuu <3[sic],” and, “No I would love you like this too [sic].” And for those that laughed at her, keep in mind what one fan wrote: “One day we will surely get old, so take note.” In other words, one day you could look like this too!

When it comes to Lucy Hale aging gracefully, fans can rest assured that she’s got some pretty solid genes. The actress shared another picture shortly afterward—a black and white selfie with her mom— and it’s safe to say that if she ages like her mother, she’s got nothing to worry about!