Dan Bilzerian is an Instagram star. While he may have made his millions playing poker, Bilzerian has earned most of his celebrity status from the ridiculously over-the-top things he shares on social media, like photos of himself surrounded by half-naked women and his massive collection of firearms.

Bilzerian’s latest posts, however, show just how insane this guy’s life really is. Bilzerian recently shared a picture of a motorcycle at the bottom of his swimming pool—of course, there’s a hot woman wearing a bikini in the picture, too. The multimillionaire simply said in the caption, “Current situation…” with the hashtag, “YeaThatsABikeInMyF*ckingPool.”

He then explained what happened in a follow-up video, and it turns out the backstory really is as ridiculous as you’d imagine it to be. The video shows a young man doing pretty impressive, one-wheeled tricks on the motorcycle, only to end up losing control and landing right in the middle of the swimming pool, still on the bike. Bilzerian wasn’t impressed, explaining what happened. Here’s how it all went down, according to Bilzerian:


The rider in the video: “Can I ride in your backyard?”

Bilzerian: “I just don’t want a bike in my pool…

Another motorcycle stunt driver who was there: “We are professionals…”

And then the video speaks for what happens next.

@junkyardkennystunts: can I ride in your back yard… Me: I just don’t want a bike in my pool… @sitdownsteve: We are professionals… Vidcred: @Str8illfotos #ThisIsWhyWeCantHaveNiceThings


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Just the one video post alone racked up over 300,000 likes and more than 16,000 comments on Instagram, which is impressive even for someone who has amassed over 14 million followers.

Despite the mishap, Bilzerian didn’t seem too upset with what happened. Steve Jones, the other rider who was there when the incident occurred, also shared a photo of the bike in the pool on his own Instagram page, and in it, Bilzerian can be seen smiling in the background. So while most people might freak out about having to fish an expensive motorcycle out of the pool in their backyard, it’s just another outrageous day in the life of Dan Bilzerian.


Photo Credit: Instagram/danbilzerian

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