Farrah Abraham, who made a questionable name for herself after making the switch from Teen Mom star to porn actress, is on the hunt for a sugar daddy. She had even approached a popular sugar daddy dating web site in hopes that they would pay her to sign up—they turned her down twice.

So naturally, the 22-year-old set her sights on someone a little easier to win over: Charlie Sheen. The 47-year-old actor has been known to go for young women—we all remember his two 20-something “Goddesses” that lived with him during his rampant days. Abraham recently leaked a series of text messages between her and Sheen, where she asked if he would be interested in meeting up for a play date with their kids or to go for coffee. She also invited him to join her for drinks at a party. Although Sheen couldn’t make it, he replied saying that he would love to meet up with her in person sometime.

Abraham had just accomplished the first step in reeling in a sugar daddy—until she screwed it up by posting their private conversation online. Sugar daddy Sheen didn’t take too kindly to the flirty text messages coming out, and responded by pummeling Abraham with a slew of insults in a letter. He opens by calling her a “desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua.” He then asks her to destroy his number and to travel into the abyss of middle earth as the “pungent memory of you vanishes into the pedestrian troposphere of lame-suck and zero-life”—Sheen has always had a way with words.


To try and save face after being rejected by her could-have-been sugar daddy, Abraham sent a letter back calling Sheen an “old train wreck” with “mental issues,” and that she was the “epitome of perfection,” adding, “I have a bright future ahead of myself. I do not have time for this nonsense of drama.”

You would think that when an older man and a younger woman get involved, the issue would be that one of them isn’t mature enough. But in this case, it’s hard to tell which one still has some growing up to do.

What do you think: Did Farrah Abraham lose out on the sugar daddy of a lifetime or was she lucky to get out sooner rather than later?


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