Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva, 43, never used to have to worry about money. She was once the high-profile sugar baby of 69-year-old James Bond actor, Timothy Dalton and 58-year-old Oscar winner Mel Gibson. She even had kids with both of these older men. Unfortunately, her sugar baby luck has run out—Oksana Grigorieva has officially filed for bankruptcy. And not only is she completely out of money, but she’s also up to her neck in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

Where did all her money go? According to the legal documents, the celebrity sugar baby has no more than $10 in cash to her name, thanks to almost half a million dollars in legal debt—she reportedly owes around $250,000 to five different lawyers—but only has $48,000 worth of assets.

As you may recall, Mel Gibson split from his sugar baby less than six months after she gave birth to their daughter, and the breakup got really messy. After Grigorieva accused the actor of physically assaulting her, the celebrity couple became embroiled in a heated custody battle. The sugar baby reportedly went through 40 lawyers throughout their feud and at the end of it all, Gibson was ordered to pay her a measly $750,000—that was after she turned down his $15.0 million settlement offer, according to reports.


Although Grigorieva still receives a hefty sum of money from child support payments ($20,000 from Gibson and $2,500 from Dalton), it supposedly still isn’t enough to cover her mountain of debt.

What do you think: Should Oksana Grigorieva have taken Mel Gibson’s $15.0 million settlement offer?


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