Merchandise based on a popular show is easy enough to find, but quality merchandise? That’s a whole different story. If you’re a “merch” connoisseur and a fan of The Walking Dead who’s looking for something that really displays your love of the hit series, look no further than McFarlane Toys’ latest line of The Walking Dead action figures.

Pictures have appeared online of what is the ninth wave of figures based on the TV version of the zombie apocalypse franchise. Series nine will include Beth Greene, T-Dog, Michonne in her attire as a constable of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, the “Water Walker” from season five, Daryl Dixon in his dirt-covered grave-digging clothes from season four, and, in an interesting choice, Dale Horvath as he was moments before his death—as in with all of his internal organs being a lot less internal.

The figurines sport an amazing attention to detail, appropriate accessories, and 22 points of articulation for all but the Dale Horvath figure; corpses-to-be don’t move much, after all. In addition, the Dale figure is said to be “exclusive,” which implies it will only be available at certain retailers, possibly only one. Collectors should get ready for a fight (or at least a lot of hitting F5 on your online retailer of choice).


But these figures aren’t the only cool The Walking Dead swag that McFarlane Toys is coming out with. Also in the pipe is a limited-edition resin statue of Negan, a character from the comics who has been hinted to begin appearing in the TV series very soon. The statue will come with option parts that will use magnets to stay attached for easy assembly and a rotating base. They will also be individually and sequentially numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Todd McFarlane, creator of the comic Spawn and head of McFarlane Toys.

While neither the figures nor the statue will be released in time for Christmas, if you know any huge fans of The Walking Dead, they’ll likely want these bad enough to accept receiving an IOU under the tree!


Photo: Facebook/TheWalkingDeadAMC

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