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The Bachelorette is getting better and better this season —and it only just begun! One of the show’s eligible bachelors who is sending temperatures rising for both Rachel Lindsay and viewers, is Peter Kraus. To turn up the heat on this hopeful hottie, here some of Peter Kraus from The Bachelorette‘s hottest pics!

If you are looking for one reason to watch the show that has taken the world by storm, we have 10. The Bachelorette started on May 22 and there has already been a ton of drama! We are still at the start of the season, and there is no telling what’s in store in the coming weeks. Besides the excitement, people cannot get enough of the contestants, specifically Peter Kraus.

Peter Joseph Kraus is a 31-year-old from Madison, Wisconsin. He is 6’0″ tall and is a former international model, who now owns WORTH Personal Training and works as a dietitian.

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Kraus has come a long way in his career, winning several titles and awards including the Madison’s “Biggest Loser” Trainer in 2010, and three Ironman Wisconsin Finishers.

Peter Kraus was the first contestant who met Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette. Rather than make a loud entry, he was sweet and adorably charming. He even joked about how he and Lindsay have matching gaps in their teeth! The personal trainer got chocolates for Lindsay, who had to admit that she doesn’t like chocolates! Though tough to recover from, he quipped, “I will literally throw this in the fire right now,” and not only earned the first rose of the season, but also won the first one-on-one date. If you want a better look at this fan-favorite, take a look at some of Peter Kraus’ pics as we’ve got the best ones right here!

Peter Kraus Instagram Pics

Nailing the stately and serious look.

Get you a man who looks at you the way Peter looks at dumbbells.

You've got four chances to come sweat it out with me this week @kampsfit !! Starting with tonight's upper body class at 6pm, then legs Tuesday at 6pm, full body Wednesday at 6pm, and full body one more time Saturday at 8:30am. Come join me for all four!!

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Suns Out, Guns Out!

Vacations over. Photo dump to come! A huge THANKS to this incredible dude for putting this all together! Love you BBC! #cruisin #brotherfromanothermother #yaaasssss #ptd2016

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His abs are breathtaking!

#grindin @worthpersonaltraining @nike

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That face will make us buy whatever he is selling!

He is ridiculously photogenic.

Let us take a moment to admire his magnificent beard…

…and his perfect jawline.

Leaving little to the imagination!

At least we know how he stays fit!

#legday #gymflow #menintights

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