Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Are you ready for The Bachelor spoilers? It’s only the second episode tonight, but fans are already looking for The Bachelor Season 21 spoilers. Who got eliminated on The Bachelor? Who went home on The Bachelor? Who wins The Bachelor? Nick Viall has some seriously tough decisions to make!

So many questions and so few answers, but we may have a bit of luck for you! The Bachelor’s first group date is underway and the girls should be a little nervous, because at any moment they could be going home, alone!

Danielle Maltby’s One on One

Lucky Danielle M. gets the first solo date and the chance to make the best first impression on Nick. But will she ace the test? She doesn’t seem like someone who would choke on a fist date, and she’s got a level of confidence in her that we think Nick will like. She seems like a lot of fun and is ready for anything. What more could Nick ask for? Nick takes Danielle M. on a boat ride in Newport Beach and there’s also talk of a Ferris Wheel at the Balboa Fun Zone. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there—they ride on a helicopter that takes them to a yacht, where there’s a hot tub waiting for them! It’s certainly one way to steam things up off the hop!

However, Danielle M. comes with a troubled past—moving on from the death of her fiancé—and she’s looking to find love again, this time with Viall. Her fiancé, Nick Haag, died of a drug overdose. Fans might get a chance to hear Danielle M. talk about her past and her hopes for her possible future with this season’s bachelor. The only obstacle is if she talks about her ex-fiancé too much, it could lead to Viall being unsure about her interest in him. There may be rough waters ahead.

Meet the “Villain:” Corrine Olympios

Careful everyone, this rose has thorns! That’s right—Corrine is one of this season’s dubbed “villains” and is willing to bring the shock value the show is known for. She’s already made her opinions of the other girls known to the camera and she’s not looking to make friends. When she does a photo shoot on a group date with the other contestants, she decides to take off her top! Maybe she was trying to cool off and it was starting to heat up? We guess it was a good strategy, because she gets a group date rose.

Scandal: Liz Sandoz Tells All

Tonight’s the night when Liz tells the cameras that she and Nick hooked up prior to the show! Isn’t that cheating? Well, either way Liz spills her secret to fellow bachelorette, Christen. Nick and Liz have a discussion privately about how Nick has heard the story of their night from everyone, except her. Fans get to see Nick conflicted, trying to find a reason to keep Liz around long enough to get a rose. “The more I talk to Liz, the less she makes sense,” says Nick. Doesn’t sound like a guy who’s found his ride or die chick, if you ask us. Could this be Adios for Liz Sandoz? You bet! Liz gets sent home after Christen went running to Nick. These girls aren’t loyal and the claws are certainly coming out early this season!

Who’s on the Chopping Block Tonight?

As much as we would love for everyone to have a happy ending, that’s just not possible—this isn’t Sister Wives, after all! If you don’t want to know who we bid adieu to tonight, stop reading because… Liz, Elizabeth W., and Lacey are eliminated tonight! It looks like the heard is thinning already and no one is safe! Who do you think will win Nick’s heart?

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