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We began the week with some Bachelor drama, and we can’t wait until next week’s episode! If you want to wait until next week to know what happens on The Bachelor season 21, stop right here. This article contains spoilers.

Mondays aren’t boring anymore thanks to The Bachelor. Nick Viall is knee-deep in beautiful women and it looks like sparks are flying. Things got interesting in Viall’s hometown with his family and one lucky lady. It looks like we have a potential winner for The Bachelor 2017 but we don’t know for sure who wins The Bachelor yet. There was also a group date which some ladies didn’t think was so fun. After the other Bachelor contestants had reached their boiling point with Corinne Olympios, season 21’s villain decided to set things straight. The hostility escalates in next week’s episode and we’re guaranteed some Bachelor brand entertainment. Find out what will happen in the next episode of The Bachelor season 21 right here.

Tonight on The Bachelor

After last week’s pool party where Corinne monopolized Nick in a bouncy house, the girls decided to have a one-on-one talk with The Bachelor alum while Corinne (once again) took a nap. Vanessa Grimaldi confronts Viall on whether he wants a wife or just a fling. He reassures her of his intentions, and tells her to be patient. After the rose ceremony, Nick sends Brittany Farrar and Christen Whitney home much to the shock of the other women who thought Corinne would be leaving.

The next day, the girls arrive at Waukesha, Wisconsin, Nick’s hometown. He has lunch with his family and asks his parents about the show. His dad hopes Nick finds his love because they’re tired of seeing him on the show (can’t say we don’t feel the same way). Danielle Lombard gets a one-on-one date with Nick, where they run into his ex before spending some romantic time at a Chris Lane concert.

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The group date kicks off bright and early at a dairy farm. Corinne is not happy about the venue and doing chores. She’s also missing her nanny. The other girls, though, have a great time feeding and milking cows together with Nick. Everything was fine until they had to shovel cow manure. The girls put their best smiles on and, with some difficulty, did some farm work. All but Corinne, that is, who had a fit and walked out of the group date. Nick noticed, but decided not to dwell on it.

After the group date, all hell breaks lose when Corinne overhears the other girls talking about her, so she confronts them. Sarah Vendal implicitly calls Corinne immature which Corinne doesn’t buy. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Nick bond outside and in the house. After her arguments with the girls, Corinne has some one-on-one time with Nick where she told him that all the girls are talking about her. Their conversation ends, and Nick doesn’t kiss her, which she nervously noted.

Boutique-owner Raven Gates gets the next one-on-one date with Nick where she meets his youngest sister, Bella, and his parents. Nick’s dad and sister seem to have taken a liking to Raven. At a roller-skating date with Bella, Raven and the young teen talk about Nick, the family man. Bella even goes as far as to say that she’d like Raven as her sister-in-law. When Nick and Raven spend some alone time on a boat, Raven opened up about a cheating ex and how she hit him with the other woman’s stiletto. Impressed by her spunk, Nick gave her the rose.

We’ve now come to the cocktail party before the dreaded rose ceremony. Danielle L., who had a rose, stole Nick for a bit, which Taylor didn’t like, so she (as Corinne would say) re-interrupted them. Meanwhile, Corinne confides in her new best friend in the house, Josephine Tutman about Taylor’s tendency to talk behind other girls’ backs. So Corinne, who’s had enough by now, pulls her aside and they have a heated discussion. Corinne tells Taylor to stop treating her like an idiot, while Taylor insists that Corinne lacks emotional intelligence. That really did it for Corinne, who she said that was ready to punch Taylor in the face. The show ended there, hinting that it’s not over between those two.

What Will Happen in the Next Episode of The Bachelor?

The sneak preview for next week’s episode shows that the fight between Corinne and Taylor won’t be calming down anytime soon. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the two of them are chosen for a two-on-one date, where one of the girls will get booted midway.

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If you thought shovelling cow manure at a dairy farm on a group date was bad, you’ll want to tune in next week. The group date is at a spooky location where the girls and Nick have to spend the night in sleeping bags. The girls also have some creepy fun with the Ouija board. Next week’s certainly exciting!

Don’t miss the fun, horror, of course, drama on next week’s The Bachelor at 8:00 p.m. EST on ABC.