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Episode two of The Bachelor ended on a very intense note. Nick Viall was telling the ladies about Liz Sandoz’s eviction, and the episode ended on a cliffhanger. Episode three of The Bachelor will have two group dates and a one-on-one date. The Backstreet Boys will be performing for one of the group dates, and the other will have a few contestants competing in track and field events. Here is what you can expect on the season 21, episode 3 of The Bachelor.

It has only been two weeks since season 21 of The Bachelor premiered, and there has already been drama. Corinne Olympios can usually be found at the center of it, and has successfully established herself as the villain of the house. In episode two, we saw her take off her top for a photoshoot and interrupt multiple one-on-one sessions. We can definitely expect more from her during episode three.

Episode three of The Bachelor will show the contestants’ reaction to Liz Sandoz’s eviction, and the reason behind it. We will also see the Backstreet Boys as Nick Viall takes seven girls for a group date. There will be a second group date with more girls getting physical, and competing in a track and field competition for Viall. One lucky girl will get to go on a solo date with Viall. We will, of course, see lots of drama, jealousy, and arguments between the ladies. Keep reading for more The Bachelor episode 3 spoilers.

Why Nick Viall Kicked Liz Sandoz Out

Fans could not get over the fact that Nick Viall and Liz Sandoz hooked up before filming. While Viall was on a solo date with Danielle M., Sandoz confessed her secret to Christen Whitney, who later confronted Viall and know his side of the story. Viall had always been doubtful about Sandoz’s intention for coming on the show. He was never sure if she just wanted some fame, or if she actually wanted to see if they had something.


Sandoz tried to justify her actions, saying that she thought Viall would be busy shooting for Bachelor in Paradise. Viall insisted that if Sandoz wanted to get in touch with him, she could have asked their mutual friends. Not convinced with her actions, he sent her home. Although Viall says that he does not regret anything that happened between him and Sandoz, he does not want the other ladies to think that he has been lying to them.

Backstreet’s Back, Alright!

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Things take a happier turn in The Bachelor season 21 episode 3 when the Backstreet Boys appear with date cards. The seven lucky ladies who get a dream group date with Nick Viall and the Backstreet Boys are: Whitney, Danielle L., Kristina, Taylor, Corinne, Jasmine G., and Christen. The ladies will dance, rehearse, and have fun with Viall and the Backstreet Boys. Things may get a bit heated between Corinne and the rest of the girls, but they try their best to not to ruin their date with Nick. After rehearsals, they will perform the Backstreet Boy’s hit song “Everybody.”

According to sources, the band will pick the girl they think did the best, and it looks like Danielle L. will win the group date rose. Corinne can be seen trying to get close to Viall, and showing off her dance skills.


Time to Get Physical




ho will get eliminated from the bachelor

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For the second group date, three of the country’s top track and field Olympians will make an appearance. Carl Lewis, a 10-time Olympic gold medalist; Michelle Carter, the “shot diva” who won the gold at the Rio Olympics for shot put; and Allyson Felix, the most decorated U.S. woman in Olympic track and field history. All the three Olympic champions will help train seven women for the “Nickathalon.”


Alexis, Dominique, Sarah, Rachel, Jaimi, Brittany, and Astrid will be a part of this group date. These seven ladies will compete in track and field events to win Nick Viall’s heart. The winner of the second group date will get a chance to spend some alone time with Viall in a hot tub. According to Reality Steve, although Astrid will be the winner of the competition, Rachel will get the group date rose.

Who Will Get Eliminated from The Bachelor Episode 3?

One girl who is said to go home in episode 3 of The Bachelor is Dominique. The exact reason remains unknown, but alcohol is said to be a factor. Two other ladies who maybe saying goodbye to Nick Viall and The Bachelor mansion are Brittany and Christen.

Unfortunately, Danielle M., Raven, and Josephine will not get a chance to go on a date with Viall this episode. In Danielle M.’s case, she went on the first solo date, so she can sit this one out. However, we do not know why Josephine and Raven were not chosen for any dates.


Vanessa Gets to Go on a Solo Date

Nick Viall and Liz

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It can be tough for Nick Viall to get to know each girl on an personal level, but he sure is trying! For his second solo, Viall chose Vanessa Grimaldi and the two have a serious conversation.

Grimaldi has always voiced her concern about Viall’s intentions on The Bachelor. She, as well as the other girls, sees that Viall gives in to Corinne’s antics, and does not seem to mind her behavior. Because of that, Grimaldi questions if Viall is here to find love, or to find someone to hook up with.

Will the rest of the ladies try as hard as Corinne to win Nick Viall’s attention, or will they try a different approach? What other drama will The Bachelor bring? Find out by watching episode 3 of The Bachelor Monday, January 16 at 8:00 p.m. EST on ABC.

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