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The first episode of The Bachelor 2017 has only just aired, but people are already speculating about who will be the eventual winner of the reality show. Reality Steve has named his pick of the contestants as the person Nick Viall selects to be his bride. See if you can guess correctly, because the final answer will come at the end of the season.

The Bachelor 2017 got off to a flying start on January 2, 2017 on ABC. People are already talking about who wins The Bachelor 2017, with much heated discussion on the question: who does Nick Viall pick on The Bachelor? People just can’t wait until the end of the season to find out who walks down the aisle with Viall. That’s the exciting part about shows like The Bachelor: it is the suspense of the series that keeps viewers glued to the TV week after week. As the contestants are eliminated one by one, the excitement reaches fever pitch and people are mesmerized by the show. That’s what makes The Bachelor one of the most highly watched shows on TV.

The Suspense Killer

There is one way to know who The Bachelor 2017 winner is before the show completes its full run. Read what Reality Steve says! You must be wondering: who is Reality Steve? Reality Steve is the man who has the mission in life to “spoil” ABC shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and all the spin-offs. His real name is Steve Carbone, and he attempts to spoil every season of these shows by naming his guess about who is the ultimate winner even before the shows start airing. A lot of people read his comments to find out who he thinks wins the show even as the drama unfolds on the TV screen.

What Lies Beneath?

Reality Steve says that he is not spoiling anybody’s party by revealing the names of the potential eventual winners. He claims that he is just trying to break down the fantasy of reality television and put the spotlight on the complicated relationships between the producers, the contestants, the TV network, and the production company. Luckily for viewers. he doesn’t always get it right. Reality Steve has been wrong on several occasions, but people still check out his predictions.

The Final Four (Spoiler Alert!)

Reality Steve has already made his prediction this year in answer to the question, who does Nick end up with on The Bachelor 2017? People who want to find out who he thinks will win The Bachelor 2017 can read on, but those who don’t want the suspense to be killed should stop reading right now.

Reality Steve claims that Viall has picked his final four contestants after the initial eliminating round. According to Steve, these four contestants are Corinne Olympios, Vanessa Grimaldi, Rachel Lindsay, and Raven Gates. He says they are the final four from whom Viall will choose the winner who gets to marry him and be his soul mate for life.

The Winner Is Announced (More Spoiler Alerts!)

Reality Steve claims that Corinne Olympios is the first woman to be sent home by Viall from the final four. Olympios has been very aggressive on this show and is disliked by most of the other contestants. Even Viall found her too “hot” to handle especially when she took off her top during a photo shoot with Viall. The next woman to be sent home will be Rachel Lindsay, according to Reality Steve, leaving only two contestants in the fray. The next contestant who is sent home by Viall is supposed to be Raven Gates. This means that Nick Viall finally picks Vaness Grimaldi as his bride on The Bachelor 2017. According to Reality Steve, Grimaldi beats out all the other 29 contestants to win Viall’s heart and live happily ever after with him.

The Bachelor 2017 Winner

Photo: ABC/Rick Rowell

Get to Know “The Bachelor” 2017 Winner

Everyone wants to know the details of all the contestants, but especially those of Vanessa Grimaldi, because she will be the winner according to Reality Steve.

From Montreal, Canada, and of Italian descent, Grimaldi is 29 years old. She is a special education teacher. This gorgeous brunette is not new to the entertainment industry. She has already acted in several films like Being Human, Blue Mountain State, and Ascension. She has also hosted GameLoft podcasts on Can Your School Rock? about six years ago. In her ABC interview, when asked what fruit or vegetable she would, Grimaldi said she wants to be an onion, because it is a staple item and is available all through the year. She likes a man who has a great smile and is afraid of hurting other people’s feelings. Apart from English, Grimaldi speaks French and Italian.

The Bachelor Winner

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Take a Chance

So there it is. You know the winner of The Bachelor 2017 according to Reality Steve. It may or may not be the right prediction, because he has been wrong before. There is only one way to be sure of who the final winner is and that is to watch the show until its end. So don’t take spoilers too seriously; choose your Bachelor contest favorite and see if Viall picks the same person. Enjoy!

The Bachelor 2017

Photo: ABC/Rick Rowell