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The Bachelor episode 3 will air tonight at 8:00 pm EST on ABC. Three contestants will be sent home home, leaving 18 contestants to sweat it out, and get Nick Viall’s heart. Take a look at the remaining Bachelor 2017 contestants.

As this season of The Bachelor progresses, it is getting tougher for both Nick Viall and the 21 contestants who are fighting to get him to propose. Whoever Viall chooses as his bride-to-be will be the lucky woman who ends his second-place streak. The Bachelor 2017 contestants are smart, beautiful, and extremely focused. The Bachelor 2017 girls are imaginative and know what they want. As we wait for the third episode to air, the anticipation is too much for some. If you want to know who gets eliminated on The Bachelor tonight, there are a lot of spoilers out there.

Who Went Home (So Far)

After The Bachelor season 21 episode 2, a total of nine girls were eliminated: Elizabeth “Liz” Sandoz, Angela, Briana, Ida Marie, Jasmine B., Lauren, Michelle, Olivia, and Susannah. Sandoz was sent home before the second rose ceremony, as Niall did not trust her intentions considering they had already met. The other eight were eliminated on night one. This leaves 21 contestants as episode 3 of The Bachelor starts tonight (January 16) at 8:00 pm EST on ABC.

Two Will Leave

Tonight, seven girls will get to go on a group date to see, and rehearse, with the Backstreet Boys. Wow! Talk about an enjoyable evening. Another group of seven contestants will go on a track and field group date where they will have to sweat it out for Viall’s heart. Vanessa Grimaldi will get the one-on-one date this week. According to Reality Steve, two women who definitely get eliminated on The Bachelor season 21 episode 3 are Brittany Farrar and Christen Whitney. Reality Steve also states Dominique Alexis another contestant will be sent home after drinking too much. T

Stay Tuned to Find Out

who got eliminated on the bachelor tonight

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We cannot confirm whether these are the girls to go home. The best and the only way to find out who gets eliminated from The Bachelor episode 3 is to watch it on ABC tonight (January 16). This is the only way to know who gets eliminated on The Bachelor tonight. So, if you want to know who went home on The Bachelor tonight, watch to see who gets one step closer to Nick Viall’s heart.

Looks Can be Deceiving

The Bachelor 2017 cast is down to 21 beautiful ladies. We will have to watch tonight’s episode closely to see which ones can get closer to getting Viall to propose. Though the girls seem sweet and innocent, tonight’s episode will see claws come out. Will Viall see both sides to each girl? Though each one is determined to get Viall’s heart, only one will be successful.

Not an Easy Decision

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Photo: ABC/Rick Rowell

There is not much time left until The Bachelor 2017 episode 3 airs, so the suspense will be over soon. Watch The Bachelor tonight at 8:00 pm EST tonight (January 16) on ABC. It’s going to be an exciting show full of passion and romance so don’t miss out. Watch Viall as he struggles to decide which of these beautiful ladies to send home. It is not an easy decision, but we are sure he will make the right one!