The 5 Easiest/Simplest Way to Keep Cats Away from Your Christmas Tree

Simplest Way to Keep Cats Away from Your Christmas Tree
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At Christmas, everyone loves having a Christmas tree and the holidays just don’t seem complete without one! But we know how difficult it can be to keep your cat away from your Christmas tree. Take a look at our top five ways to cat-proof your tree!


When Christmas comes around, one of the most important purchases is the tree. Knowing what type of tree to buy and what ornaments to put on it is an important and fun tradition. Cats share our love of Christmas trees but, unlike us, they don’t know that it’s not a toy!

We don’t know whether it’s the dangling ornaments, the lights, the tinsel, or all of the above that attract felines towards the Christmas tree, but when the tree goes up at Christmas time, the cats just can’t seem to keep their paws off! It’s a terrible thing to watch your beloved decorations (and sometimes even your tree) come crashing down because of your curious cat. So worry not, because we have a list of some brilliant ideas to cat-proof your Christmas tree! Take a look and use them to make an anti-cat Christmas tree this year.

1. Right Size and Type of Tree

Your cat can’t go on vacation during the holidays, so you need to find a tree they can live with. The tough thing to do is decide between a real Christmas tree or an artificial one. Real Christmas trees are not recommended for cat-owners because the pine needles can be irritating and/or toxic to cats if they chew on them.

Not that an artificial tree is any healthier or safer for your feline. But what you buy depends on personal preference, as well as how your cat behaves. You can always opt for a smaller tree, especially if you have an adventurous cat who likes to climb and jump on it. If you buy a real tree, then consider wrapping the trunk with tinfoil as cats don’t like digging their claws into it.

2. Safe Location 

If you don’t want to encourage your cat to climb the tree, then make sure you place it somewhere where there is plenty of space. For example, get rid of tables, chairs, and any furniture that will help your cat jump onto the tree.

3. Spray Bitter Apple Spray or Apple Cider Vinegar

If all else fails, you can always use some sort of natural spray repellent to keep your cat away. There are various cat repellents available in stores. You can use bitter apple spray, apple cider vinegar, citronella, or you could even spray citrus oil on the tree. You can even spray a diluted vinegar solution on the base of the tree. This will help to keep your cats away.

4. Less Decorations are More

For starters, don’t decorate the tree when you first buy it. Let your cat get used to the idea of having a tree at home, and if they decide to become curious, your ornaments won’t suffer. If you catch your cat trying to pounce on the tree, at least it won’t come crashing down along with all your decorative hard work!

If you decorate your tree with colorful ornaments, baubles, and tinsels, it can be very hard for your cat to resist. Avoid hanging any breakable or edible ornaments on the lower half of the tree. If possible, skip the tinsel this year so your cat doesn’t get too tempted!

5. Use Electrical Wires and Lighting Carefully 

If there are cords dangling from the tree, it’s like an open invitation for your cat to play and bite them. What you can do is tape the wires to the wall or floor to save your cat from being shocked. Don’t forget to switch off the lights when you are not home.

By following the above suggestions, you may be able to keep cats or kittens away from your Christmas tree. This means there will be less damage to the tree (and possibly your cat), and you can celebrate Christmas happily.

Take a look at the cats in Christmas trees compilation below as a cautionary tale!

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