The 4 Hillary Clinton Facts You Need to Know Ahead of the First Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton
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The First Presidential Debate 2016 is on tonight and it’s been said that the viewership (estimated at 100.0 million) will rival that of the Super Bowl! So, it’s no wonder people are looking up facts about Hillary Clinton, including the Hilary Clinton campaign slogans (such as “I’m with Her,” and “Stronger Together”), and Hillary Clinton’s political experience, which is far greater compared to Donald Trump’s.

Hillary Clinton’s views on immigration and Hillary Clinton’s political party in general, seem to be the polar opposite of everything that Trump stands for, so naturally people want to know how tonight’s debate will play out. If you, too are looking for some information about Hillary Clinton before the debate tonight, then keep reading for our Hillary Clinton facts that you need to know!

Obama’s Winning Advice 

With Clinton, 68, going into the biggest race of her career, she needs all the help she can get, so it doesn’t hurt to get a few words of wisdom from the man who already occupies the job she wants. Since President Barack Obama had defeated Clinton in the 2008 election and faced off against her numerous times before that, it seemed appropriate that he would give her some much-needed advice. What was the president’s advice to the veteran politician and former secretary of state? “Be yourself and explain what motivates you.” For the woman whose slogan is, “I’m with Her,” it has been noted by the polls that not everyone actually is with her. Clinton may have an issue swaying the votes in her direction, so winning them over at tonight’s debate is imperative. Will Obama’s advice help Clinton tonight?

Donald Trump 101

In any setting, one piece of advice is crucial; know your enemy. And that’s exactly what Clinton has been doing, prior to the debate. According to CNN, Clinton has been prepping with briefing books and mock debates, using her former aide, Philippe Reines, to play Trump in her mock debates. Clinton has also prepared herself for every version of Trump she may encounter tonight. Whether he’s hostile or subdued, Clinton has done her homework. And how has the billionaire real estate mogul and neophyte politician been preparing against Clinton? Well, reports say that he hasn’t, and his aides and staff are apparently worried about his casual attitude regarding preparation.


It’s a Close Race

Trump and Clinton are neck and neck when it comes to the polls. Some believe Trump will win without a doubt, while others believe Clinton will take the presidential oath come January, after Americans vote this coming November. Tonight will set the tone for how voters will chose to vote, if at all. Trump will need to worry about not feeding into the narrative that he is too aggressive, impulsive and unfit to be the 45th president, while Clinton needs to do her best to secure the millennial vote, and get the public to know and like her. Many have a problem with her character and honesty, so Obama’s advice may help with that.

Mr. and Mistress Clinton?  

Trump may be a new political animal, but he’s had no problem growing in his teeth. The Republican nominee threatened to bring Gennifer Flowers (a former lover of Bill Clinton’s) to the debate as his guest. Trump said this as a response to Hillary bringing Democratic TV celebrity billionaire, Mark Cuban, who has tirelessly been attacking Trump during the race.

The First Presidential Debate 2016 will take place at Hofstra University, Long Island, New York and air on September 26 at 9:00 p.m. EST on CNN.





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