Actress Jennifer Aniston began dating actor and director Justin Theroux in 2011, and the pair married just last year! But like with any celebrity couple, especially one as high-profile as this, there are bound to be rumors, both positive and negative. Some may have at least a sliver of truth to them, while others are pure bunk created to generate page views or get attention. Below are three of the biggest rumors about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux out there right now; make of them what you will.

1) They’re adopting: It’s been reported that the celebrity couple was spotted at an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico with the intent of adopting a child there. The head of the orphanage claims that Jennifer Aniston has supported the orphanage financially for over 10 years, adding, “They want this to happen as soon as possible.” Furthermore, he explained that Aniston was hoping for a girl while Justin Theroux wants to have a son. This is not even the first time a similar rumor has surfaced; the two were last believed to have completed an adoption of a baby girl in August 2015, having planned for it as soon as they married.

2) They’re expecting their own baby: A magazine has stated that during the Zoolander 2 premiere, Jennifer Aniston was seen with a “baby bump,” indicating she and Justin Theroux were expecting their first child together. Several other sites quickly shot down this rumor, one even contacting a source said to be close to the famous couple, who revealed that the story was in no way accurate.


Again, rumors about Aniston being pregnant are nothing new, though they increased when she and Theroux got hitched. Besides this and the above adoption rumors, it’s also been speculated that she’s considered surrogacy and in-vitro fertilization. When personally asked about the possibility of having kids, Aniston said, “Listen, that’s a topic that’s so exhausted. I get nervous around that, just because it’s very personal. Who knows if it’s going to happen? It’s been a want. We’re doing our best.”

3) They’re embroiled in a jealous feud: Finally, what celebrity couple rumor mill would be complete without a possible cheating scandal? Allegations arose this week that Justin Theroux may be cheating on Jennifer Aniston with his Zoolander 2 co-star, Kristen Wiig. This rumor comes from a source saying that Theroux has been spending more time with Wiig than with his wife, who the same source says is prone to jealousy.

Previous rumors of unfaithfulness include Theroux supposedly hitting on Selena Gomez at an Oscars party and Theroux supposedly getting more than close with Margaret Qualley, his co-star on Leftovers. It’s a given that these rumors will arise when you’re a famous celebrity couple, but let’s hope such rumors don’t exist for good reason!

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