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With Drake’s new album, Views From the 6 taking over the Billboard Hot 100 list and having sold one million copies this week, it’s no wonder why fans are replaying the Views From the 6 lyrics and song list. The Toronto rapper has already replaced 50 Cent on the list of Forbes’ wealthiest artists this year and doesn’t plan on stopping his hustle anytime soon. When everyone heard the leaked version of Drake’s new song, “Controlla,” everyone wanted more of his new vibe and clearly rushed to the iTunes store to get the rest of the song list.

Just for fun, here are our picks for the three best lyrics from Drake’s Views From the 6.

Hotline Bling

This song is one of Drake’s most popular and has over 710 million views on YouTube, worldwide. Naturally, there were several die-hard Drake fans who replayed the song (we don’t blame them). The YouTube video also featured the Canadian artist dancing in a cube with colorful lighting. The video spawned many parody videos and social media memes.

“You used to call me on my cellphone/Late night when you need my love.

These lyrics are still popular today, telling the story of a girl who was playing games with Drake.

One Dance

“One more time ‘fore I go/Higher powers taking a hold of me.”

The lyrics describe Drake needing (you guessed it) one more dance with a beautiful woman on the dance floor. Lately, the rapper has been singing more about love and taking chances. This song also beat Adele’s U.K. streaming record.

U With Me?

“Girl I had your back when all you used to do was front.”

The best part about Drake’s lyrics, like this one, is that they speak to everyone. They’re creative, clever, and everyone can relate to one of his songs on some level.

If you haven’t bought Drake’s new album Views From the 6 yet, then you’re missing out!