Marie Avgeropoulos (L) and Bob Morley of the television show 'The 100' speak onstage during the CW portion of the 2014 Winter TCA tour at the Langham Hotel on January 15, 2014 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

While most TV shows in the past week aired their mid-season finales, there’s one that will start fresh with a brand new season come January—The 100. The CW series wrapped up its second season way back in March, so fans have been waiting a while for a good The 100 season 3 spoiler and release date.

The network confirmed last month that the post-apocalyptic series will return on January 21, following the debut of their newest series, Legends of Tomorrow.

What better way to prepare for the highly anticipated premiere than with some The 100 season 3 spoilers? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a quick roundup of what you need to know before tuning in next month.

Let’s start with Clarke Griffin (played by Eliza Taylor), who closed off the second season by hacking into the air filtration system for Mount Weather and releasing radiation, thereby killing off the population in an effort to stave off the enemy. Instead of returning to camp with everyone else, Clarke takes off into the woods by herself.

However, judging by teasers for The 100 season 3, Clarke will run into someone (we don’t know who yet), but it looks like someone who may serve as a key ally for Clarke while she’s being “hunted by everyone” for what happened at the mountain. There’s a possibility that this yet-to-be-identified female character could be Queen Nia of the Ice Nation, since she’s been mentioned quite a bit throughout season 2. Plus, we already know that actress Brenda Strong has been cast as Queen Nia for The 100 season 3. Perhaps Clarke will serve as a new leader of Ice Nation or one of the other rival clans? After all, the show’s official Twitter page did reveal a strikingly different look for Clarke for the upcoming season.

Clarke's new look in season 3

Photo: Twitter/Clarke

One of the show’s producers, Aaron Ginsburg, has also revealed a pretty big The 100 season 3 spoiler: one of the main characters will die. Although he didn’t reveal any hints about who it is, he did admit that it’s a fan favorite, tweeting, “Don’t know what’s worse: how much blood is all over set right now or that the blood belongs to a character you guys like… #The100 [sic].”

The third big The 100 season 3 spoiler is a new romance angle with many speculating that it’ll be between Clarke and Bellamy Blake (played by Bob Morley). Season 2 ended with Clarke giving him a kiss and telling him that she hoped they would see each other again—so there’s definitely potential to take that relationship in a new direction.

Now that you’ve got every The 100 season 3 spoiler and release date, stay tuned for the full-length trailer, which is expected to be released sometime today! Creator Jason Rothenberg has revealed on Twitter that although he can’t say exactly what time the trailer will drop, it will definitely be released today and asked that fans “blast the shit out of it. Bury everyone u know with it. [sic].”