Photo: Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty Images

The hot Teyana Taylor is back with a brand new video that is sure to raise temperatures everywhere! That’s right. Taylor stars in the video for Kaye West’s new single, “Fade” from The Life of Pablo album. The Teyana Taylor workout that she is performing in the video is absolutely sensual and extremely sexy (almost NSFW sexy!) The Teyana Taylor “Fade” video was premiered at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards by Kanye West. The Teyana Taylor workout plan in the video sees Taylor in a skimpy outfit sweating while she works out, sweating profusely and giving viewers everywhere quite the show.

Bathroom Drama

Teyana Taylor’s baby actually arrived last year in a dramatic fashion. Taylor went into labor and there was no time for her to get to the hospital. So, the baby was delivered on the singer’s bathroom floor, with the help of her husband, NBA star Iman Shumpert. After that, Taylor worked on her body. Clearly, that’s an understatement, because Teyana Taylor’s body is more toned and sleek than it has ever been before.

Flashdance Revisited

In Teyana Taylor’s new video “Fade” by Kanye West, she does a steamy workout in a gym. Sweat pours and her oiled body moves to the rhythm of the music. The video is inspired by the iconic Flashdance movie of the ’80s. After the hot, sweaty workout, Taylor enters the shower where she has an intense make out session with her real life husband, NBA star Iman Shumpert. After the make out session, Taylor morphs into a cat and is seen with her eight month old baby and some sheep. Kanye, of course, refers to the video as art.

Taylor and Sheep!

That’s right. Taylor is seen with some white sheep. The video is weird and tough to watch, as it is sensual, and extremely sexual, to the point where you might want to ask your kids to leave the room. The video is being watched by people as the news of its release spreads. It is bound to be controversial like West’s last video, “Famous” but what else do we expect from Kanye West? There is one good reason to see this video “Fade,” and that is a slim and sexy Teyana Taylor!