Empire star Terrence Howard, 46, and his wife, Michelle Ghent, separated in 2013, but the couple’s split has been anything but amicable—in fact, it’s been violent and downright hostile, complete with several legal proceedings. And from the sounds of it, it’s only getting worse.

Howard’s ex-wife is now suing him, this time for allegedly beating her to a pulp and threatening to kill her. Ghent is claiming that the incident occurred in 2013 in Costa Rica, where the couple had been renting a house. She says they got into an argument about getting back together when Howard got angry, grabbed her neck, and shoved her against a wall in the bathroom. He then allegedly spewed death threats at her before mule kicking her (a wrestling move where you bend over and kick backward, hitting the other person with the bottom of your foot).

Meanwhile, Howard is arguing that the fight was mutual and claims that she attacked him with pepper spray. In the original paperwork, Ghent admits to using the pepper spray, but only because Howard was heading toward the nightstand where she knew he kept a four- to six-inch knife.


According to TMZ, Ghent filed the paperwork for the lawsuit just a day before the statute of limitations expired. In addition to the assault charges, Ghent is also reportedly suing Howard for defamation, based on the fact that he allegedly made false accusations to the public about Ghent threatening him and his new wife, Miranda Pak.

This recent lawsuit is only just one of the many bouts of legal trouble in Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent’s marriage. Back in 2011, Ghent filed for a restraining order against her husband after enduring a year’s worth of abuse, as detailed in their divorce papers.  In 2013, she filed another restraining order after she showed up at court with a nasty black eye, allegedly one of the many injuries she sustained from the incident detailed in this latest lawsuit.

This also isn’t the first time Howard has been accused of being abusive. He was arrested in 2001 for physically assaulting wife number one (Lori McCommas), the year before that he got arrested for attacking a female flight attendant, in 2005 he allegedly assaulted a woman and her fiancé at a diner, and in 2012 his ex-girlfriend accused him of punching and strangling her.

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