Hollywood actor Terrence Howard broke down on the stand as he confessed to faking a suicide attempt in order to get out of the relationship with his ex-wife Michelle Ghent.

The 46-year-old Iron Man star was called to the witness stand earlier this week in a Los Angeles court as part of his bid to revoke the former couple’s costly 2012 divorce settlement. He claimed to have signed it under pressure, because he wanted out of the relationship as fast as possible.

During his testimony, Howard shed tears as he explained in detail about the alleged blackmail plan his ex-wife hatched in order to get a bigger payout. He claimed that Ghent threatened to leak humiliating information along with audio and video footage of his sex life to the media. He said, “I was terrified of her releasing the private tapes.”


On Friday afternoon, the award-winning actor was placed under cross-examination and was forced to admit his infidelity to Ghent with several women while they were engaged. He cited the reason for this as the fact that they were not “sexually compatible” anymore.

Also confessing to having a sexually transmitted disease, Howard insisted that he wasn’t sure which of the women passed on the virus to the other. He then went on to reveal that his desperation to end the relationship in 2009 made him fake a suicide attempt by pretending to consume a bottle of Valtrex pills (prescribed medication for herpes).

However, he told the court that he decided to give the marriage a second chance in 2010 when he tried to become a Jehovah’s Witness and curb his sexual urges. But this attempt was in vain, as their union ended a year later with their divorce being finalized in 2013.

Denying allegations of domestic abuse, Howard was assertive that it was Ghent who lashed out at him, and not the other way round. In a jealous rage over a steamy make-out scene with his Winnie Mandela co-star, Jennifer Hudson, in South Africa, Ghent reportedly hurled food at him.

While there is no decision on this case yet, Howard is now happily married to model Mira Pak since 2013. The couple also welcomed their first child together—a boy named Qirin Love—in May this year.


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