Rapper Tekashi69 (Photo: Bob Levey/Getty Images)

The “Who Run It” challenge is gathering steam with some famous young rappers taking a jab at it. The latest one to contribute his verse is the colorful rapper, Tekashi69. Check out Tekashi69’s fun-filled take on the challenge right here!

No rap aficionado can ever forget the song “Who Run It” by the legendary rap band Three 6 Mafia, ever since it was released in the early 2000s. The song had all the menace, grime, and harsh reality of life on the street for many young people and is an apt chronicle of it’s time.

G Herbo brought the song back into the limelight when he did a freestyle over it during an appearance at the Dallas radio station K104, and later released it officially. Since then, several notable rappers have freestyled over the song, including A$AP Rocky, Trippie Redd, Lil Yachty, CupcakKe, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Now, the latest rapper to jump on the bandwagon is the very colorful and very entertaining Tekashi69, and he has put his own comical spin on the song. Tekashi69 (who often is called 6ix9ine) has done a spoof of the viral hit substituting the original hard-hitting lyrics of the original with his own hilarious outtake.

Freestyle Farce

As the beat begins, Tekashi69 starts with a disclaimer that says, “I usually don’t do this but I had to come body-bag this one time.”

6ix9ine’s lyrics then invoke his mother and a Snickers bar and then chronicle a conversation between him and his mother. He even stumbles on his words a few times.

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Tekashi69 freestyle raps about his failure to get his GED (as ordered by the courts) and the trouble he is in with the law. It’s tough not to take him seriously, but he does it with style and enthusiasm.

Many who don’t know him might be unaware that he is basically trolling himself and those who have recreated the song with their own freestyles. But with his version being so hilariously awful, it’s easy for those who don’t know him to start commenting on how horrible the freestyle truly is. Making fun of oneself is a serious thing to do and Tekashi69 simply nails it!

The Lighter Side of Tekashi, Even in Dark Times

Tekashi69 has put his version of the challenge on Instagram and his fans and people who are following the “Who Run It” challenge can check it out. 6ix9ine’s Instagram post shows the lighter side of the rapper, who is currently battling legal and financial problems. It’s a fun watch and a nice break from the seriousness of his recent issues. May his tribe increase!

Watch Tekashi69’s spoof of the “Who Run It” challenge by clicking below.

Tekashi’s $4.9 Million Dollar Deal

Tekashi69’s fortunes just went into a full-blown upswing as it was just reported that he has signed a huge deal with headphone makers, TUNES Audio. As per the deal, Tekashi will get $4.9 million for his own line of headphones!

He gets to choose his own exclusive color of TUNES Audio headphones (he chose red) and he will be given the rights to promote them. A percentage of the sales amount will be given to a charity.

When asked why they chose to honor Tekashi69 with this huge opportunity, the company said that they think Tekashi69 is the “new proclaimed king of NY”. Since TUNES Audio is looking to dominate the headphones market, they figured Tekashi was a great candidate. (They’ve already got a deal with Blac Chyna under their belt!) It’s a win-win deal for both the rapper and the company!