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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s single “Gotti” has entered the Billboard Top 100 chart and he’s celebrating the occasion by throwing his money around and talking about it. (What else is new?) It is his sixth single, and his previous singles also charted, so it is an exciting moment for the budding star. Tekashi is calling it a “six on six” and is thrilled with his achievement!

Colorful rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, who is also known as Tekashi69 or simply 6ix9ine, seems to be virtually unstoppable right now. His song “Gotti” has entered the Billboard Top 100 chart! This is his sixth single from his debut mixtape, Day69, that has entered the Billboard Top 100. What makes this feat especially commendable is that it is his sixth single release, as well.

That means that Tekashi has scored an unbelievable “six on six” on the Billboard chart with his debut effort, and he certainly is pleased with himself. So much so, that he couldn’t resist bragging about it on an Instagram post on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.


“Gotti” by 6ix9ine Enters the Billboard Chart

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Credits: Billboard

Tekashi69’s Instagram post sees him with a couple of members of his entourage on a New York City sidewalk. One of them is holding a plaque for his first single, “Gummo.”

The rapper explains that people don’t know how hard it is for anybody to place his or her single in the Billboard Top 100 chart. He goes on to say that he has done it six out of six times already.

Tekashi’s single “Gotti” has climbed up the Billboard Top 100 chart to reach number 99 and that’s why he is so excited about it.

Trapped in the System!

As Tekashi repeats that he scored a “six on six” on Billboard, another guy opens a bottle of some drink and celebrates the rapper’s achievement.


The 21-year-old then starts taking out money from his pant pocket and throws it on the sidewalk. He says that when he was younger, he got caught up in the system, but now he won’t be caught up again.

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Celebrations are in Order

Tekashi throws some more money on the sidewalk and keeps repeating that he won’t get caught up again and that he has scored a “six on six.” Then, he and another guy stomp on the money he threw and say that it’s all happening in New York City.

People know that the rapper calls himself the “King of New York City.” He even talks about it in the clip.

6ix9ine Is on Cloud Nine

While many people will find it objectionable that Tekashi and his friend are stomping on good money, these two certainly aren’t bothered by it. He’s on a roll right now, and he is celebrating his achievement in every way he can!


Watch Tekashi 6ix9ine celebrate his single’s success by clicking below:

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