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Anthony Rapp has been making headlines for the past few weeks, first due to his role on the hit Star Trek: Discovery, and now for his recent allegations about Kevin Spacey’s conduct towards him a number of years ago. With the recent headlines, a lot of interest is now turning to Rapp’s own private life. And let’s be honest, it’s completely understandable, Rapp is a very good looking guy on a very successful show, there’s bound to be questions about his private life. Is Anthony Rapp gay? Who is Anthony Rapp’s boyfriend? We’ll give you the scoop on all we know about Anthony Rapp and the lucky person he is dating.

Anthony Rapp’s Private Life

Some people who only know Rapp through his role on Star Trek: Discovery may be wondering about his private life —especially in the romance department. Is Anthony Rapp gay? His character on Star Trek: Discovery is gay, but it wouldn’t be the first time a straight actor played a gay character. Anthony Rapp, however, identifies as queer, and has been out in both his private life and Hollywood for a long time. He took the role on Star Trek: Discovery not only because he is a huge fan of Star Trek as a franchise, but also because of how his character’s relationship was going to be handled. Rapp’s character, Lieutenant Paul Stamets, is in a relationship with Hugh Culber (played by Wilson Cruz) but the fact that the two characters are gay is not the focal point. Their relationship is treated like every other romantic relationship on the show.

It was truly an amazing day/weekend. A huge thank you to @albinokid1026 for making it so special, and to everyone for all the birthday love. ???

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Who is Anthony Rapp Dating?

Anthony Rapp has managed to pull off something very interesting. While he has never been shy about his sexual orientation, and Anthony Rapp’s boyfriend’s photos aren’t hard to come by on the actor’s social media accounts, at the same time we don’t know anything about the lucky guy Rapp is dating. But here’s what we do know.

Anthony Rapp’s boyfriend goes by the Instagram handle “teerakeni” and is often referred to as Ken. It looks like the happy couple have been together for nearly two years, with their anniversary falling in early January as per a post on Anthony Rapp’s Instagram dated January 16. Beyond those details, Teerakeni is a bit of a mystery. We don’t know what he does for a living, whether the couple live together or not, his age, nothing. We know that he’s a pretty amazing dresser though, has a lot of love for his family and friends. It’s clear he has a very loving and happy relationship with Anthony Rapp.