Everyone’s favorite series based on the 1985 Michael J. Fox film! No, not the Back to the Future animated series, the other one—Teen Wolf season 5 episode 16 airs tonight following the previous episode’s dramatic lockdown. The episode sets the stage for the rest of the season, so you’re going to want to clear your schedule!

Last week, a plan was hatched to get Lydia out of Eichen House in order to save her life; if she really was subjected to surgery to increase her powers, the results could trigger a chain reaction resulting in not only her death, but also the death of anyone in her vicinity. The plan seems to work, with Scott, Stiles, and Liam entering the house and Malia and Kira taking out the power, but when they reach Lydia, they find the procedure has already been done. And just to increase the tension for tonight’s episode, Theo’s pack breaks into Eichen House as well, but their lack of stealth causes the whole building to go on full lockdown, trapping them all inside!

Teen Wolf season 5 episode 16, titled Lie Ability, sees the continuation of the rescue effort, though Lydia will do her part as well. According to the actress who plays her, Hollan Roden, viewers can look forward to a “non-confused Lydia” who is better able to use her powers to assist the team. This includes dealing with the matter of the Beast of Gévaudan, which spent all of the last episode rampaging; showrunner Jeff Davis has said that Lydia may be the deciding factor in stopping the creature before any named characters fall before it.


Of course, last episode showed that Theo has a different way to fight it, namely using Belasko’s claws to take in its power. However, using the claws will supposedly kill him; will this episode see Theo learning the truth about his idea? And if so, will he try to do it anyway?

Catch Teen Wolf season 5 episode 16 tonight on MTV or watch online and enjoy the episode via streaming. As far as the schedule for the rest of the season goes, there appears to only be a couple episodes left before the finale on February 23:

• Episode 16: Lie Ability (February 9)

• Episode 17: A Credible Threat (February 16)

• Episode 18: Maid of Gevaudan (February 23)



Photo: Facebook/TeenWolf

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