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Teen Mom OG star, Maci Bookout is famous for her tattoos. She has a lot of ink on her body and each one has an important meaning for her. Take a look at some of Maci Bookout’s tattoos, right here!

Maci Bookout from Teen Mom OG is currently in the midst of a difficult decision. Her ex, Ryan Edwards, has been acting erratically and is abusing drugs. Bookout does not know how to approach Edwards and keep their son, Bentley, safe.

Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, tied the knot in 2016. She confided in McKinney saying, “Bentley is going to grow up one day and see all this, so… hopefully by the time Bentley sees all this we’ll be on the other side of this, and if not, he’ll be able to see that I tried.”

To help her understand how to bring up the topic of substance abuse with her ex, Bookout called a counselor. The two spoke on the phone and Bookout could be heard saying, “I’m not sure what exactly he’s using, but, sometimes, he’ll fall asleep when you’re trying to have a conversation with him, or he’s extremely wide-eyed and he doesn’t look right.”

Bookout is definitely facing a lot of challenges in her life and she is worried that her son will not forgive her if she does not let him see his father.

As Teen Mom OG goes on, we have seen a lot of Maci Bookout’s tattoos, and we have come to learn that many of them have a deep meaning. Bobby Tinker is the person who did most of the artwork on her body. Other than him, Bookout has never discussed the meaning behind her tattoos.

On her blog, Bookout wrote, “My tattoos are something that I have always kept very private. Believe it or not. To me, they aren’t ‘things’ that I got just to show them off. My tattoos aren’t objects for me to brag about in hopes of building my ego. Yet, they are small reminders of my story. Lessons that have had a large impact on me and my journey. I think of them as pieces to my puzzle. No matter how big or small, they put me together. I love them, and I don’t give a damn if you love them or not.”

Though we might not know what they mean, we do know that Bookout’s tattoos look amazing. Take a look at the ones she has so far, right here!

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Maci Bookout’s Tattoos in 2017

An open book, perhaps?

Which we all should be!

Her son’s name is tattooed on her hip.

Inking only what is important to her.

Her weapon of choice!

Maci Bookout tattoo

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