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Teddy and Tina Campbell’s marriage hit a roadblock when Tina Campbell discovered that her husband was having an extra-marital affair with one of her trusted employees. Campbell was devastated by their affair and confronted her husband and the employee. Teddy and Tina Campbell worked hard on their marriage and finally managed to come out of this incident a closer and wiser couple. Now, Teddy Campbell is back to making music, which has always has been his passion in life.

Teddy Campbell has dedicated his life to music. His real name is Glendon Theodore Campbell Sr., but he is better known by the name Teddy Campbell.

Teddy Campbell is a gospel drummer and singer who used to be the drummer for the house band on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He is the lead singer for The Soul Seekers, an American gospel music group who have released albums like The Soul Seekers and Soul Seekers II.

Teddy Campbell is the husband of acclaimed gospel singer Tina Campbell. She is a member of the highly acclaimed contemporary gospel duo, Mary Mary.

Tina Campbell and Teddy Campbell married each other in 2000. They have four children named Laiah Simone, Meela Jane, Glendon Theodore II, and Santana. Teddy Campbell also has a daughter from a previous marriage named Ciara.

A Versatile Musician

Born on February 24, 1975, Teddy Campbell’s love for music began at Christian Youth M.B. Church in Chicago. And, it is also the place where he learned to play drums as a child.

Campbell was a member of the live house band on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for seven years. He is now a drummer on the popular show American Idol.

A versatile musician, Campbell has played music in several genres like pop, gospel, R&B, soul, jazz and Christian music. He has worked on several albums with acclaimed artists such as Al Jarreau, Rod Stewart, Kelly Clarkson, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, George Duke, and Deborah Cox. Campbell has also toured with famous music artists like The Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Bette Midler, and Queen Latifah.

Thanks to his hard work over the years Teddy Campbell’s net worth is a healthy $5.0 million and growing.

Teddy Campbell Cheated on His Wife

Teddy and Tina Campbell’s marriage ran into a rough patch about two years back because of his cheating. But, who did Teddy Campbell cheat with?

Campbell had an affair with his wife’s employee, who also became a close family friend. Back in December 2015, Tina Campbell spoke about it on the Steve Harvey talk show.

She said, “The person who it was, she used to work for me, and so, that broke my heart. She was like a godmother to my children. She had access to my home, to come get my kids and all that kind of stuff. [She] was very intermixed in my family.”

Campbell wanted to confront her employee. So, she then made her husband call the woman in question.

“She hung up the phone. So I had my answer. It broke my heart, it devastated me, so I spazzed out,” said Campbell.

Working Hard on Their Marriage

People have been asking questions like, “Is Tina Campbell’s husband gay?” and “Is Teddy Campbell gay?” As there is no information on whether Teddy Campbell is gay or not, we cannot comment on his sexuality.

However, the good news is that both Teddy and Tina Campbell have been working on their marriage issues, and specifically, on his infidelities. Tina Campbell has forgiven her husband for his unfaithfulness, and the couple has been working hard to make their marriage successful and to avoid such turmoil in future.

Now, Teddy Campbell is back to doing what he does best, which is making good music.