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Teddy Bridgewater’s knee injury caused a serious setback for the Vikings, but according to Vikings’ coach, Mike Zimmer, the team is more concerned about Teddy and his recovery than anything else. What happened to Teddy Bridgewater? After dropping back to pass during a football practice drill, he planted his foot and dropped to the ground. Teddy Bridgewater’s knee injury involved a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), but thankfully, no nerve or arterial damage. Many were concerned that Teddy Bridgewater had a broken leg, which many wonder if that would have almost been better, as a torn ACL is much more serious in the long run. So, is Teddy Bridgewater out for the season? Based on the severity of his injury, that’s affirmative. As to who would take his place in the games, it’s too soon to tell, but it doesn’t seem like anyone can match up to Bridgewater’s skill, or offensive knowledge.

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Fans of the Vikings’ QB are hoping Teddy Bridgewater’s knee injury makes a full recovery, and reports suggest that will be possible, eventually. Want to learn more about the Vikings’ star player? Keep on reading these three interesting facts!

He was a Hit on ABC’s “Celebrity Family Feud”

In July 2016, Bridgewater teamed up with four NFC offensive standouts and challenged five AFC defensive standouts on ABC’s Celebrity Family Feud to win $25,000 for any foundation of their choice. The host, Steve Harvey, gave him an extra difficult time after he gave his answers, and hilarity ensued. Bridgewater had his fellow footballers and the audience in a giggle fit!

He’s a Six-Figure Baller

With a market value of $6.85 million, Bridgewater isn’t your average footballer. The 23-year-old had a base salary of $420,000 when he began in 2014, and that figure has doubled and run over in two years. His base salary going into 2017 is $1,354,023!

Base Salary (2014)$420,000
Base Salary (2015)$731,341
Base Salary (2016)$1,042,682
Base Salary (2017)$1,354,023
Yearly Annual Salary (Prorated)$825,364
Net Worth$2.5 Million
Market Value$6.85 Million

He was a Star Athlete in High School

In his first year of high school football he played quarterback and connected for 97 of 160 attempts and threw for 1,560 yards. He recorded 16 touchdowns and was only intercepted three times! During his high school football season, he carried the ball 45 times and stacked 211 rushing yards. In his last years of high school football, he threw the football for 2,606 passing yards and achieved 22 passing touchdowns.

Bridgewater was surely cut out for football since his early years in the sport, and he continues to beat his goals and achieve greater accomplishments. We hope his recovery is quick and thorough, so he can get back on the field again!

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