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It looks like America’s Sweetheart is on top of the world, once again! Taylor Swift’s Reputation album reviews are in and they might have an impact on Taylor Swift’s Reputation sales. If you were thinking of given Taylor Swift’s Reputation a listen, then we have what you need.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Apple Music Release

Swift is known for having a reputation for dating guys and then singing about her breakups later, but it seems like she’s not listening to the haters anymore. In her sixth album release, fans can finally get Taylor Swift’s Reputation on Spotify or the iTunes store, after it was dropped earlier on Friday.

The Critics Weigh in on Reputation

While the numbers for Taylor Swift’s Reputation album sales haven’t been reported as yet, die-hard Swift fans have (not-surprisingly) raved about the long-awaited album. It has been a few years since the 1989 singer produced any new music and fans were wondering when they would get another album. While some may have mixed reviews of the album (since you can’t please everyone), the majority of critics sang Swift’s praises for Reputation.

“‘Reputation’ is fundamentally unlike any of her other albums in that it takes into account — prioritizes, actually — the tempo and tone of her competition, said The New York Times. ‘Reputation‘ is a public renegotiation, engaging pop music on its terms, not hers…She still has adversaries in her sight; there are jabs at Kanye West, and also at an ex-boyfriend or two. But here, too, she turns the magnifying glass around. Some of the most caustic and aware songwriting on this album is about herself.”

Rolling Stone‘s review gave it 4/5 stars saying, “The world was expecting ‘Reputation‘ to be a celebrity self-pity party, after her September single “Look What You Made Me Do,” airing her grievances about getting mistreated by other famous people…Instead, she’s playing for bigger emotional stakes – this is an album full of one-on-one adult love songs. That’s a daring swerve from a songwriter who’s scored so many brilliant hits about pursuing the next romantic high. Taylor might love the players, but nowhere near as much as she loves the game.”

#reputation is out. Let the games begin.

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What Did She Say?

The song “I Did Something Bad” left fans witnessing something they’ve never seen Swift openly do: Swear on record! Say it ain’t so! Well, it is—Swift dropped the S-word and it was very fitting: “If a man talks sh*t, then I owe him nothing/ I don’t regret it one bit, ’cause he had it coming.” It looks like the old Taylor Swift is dead, after all! Swifties loved her cryptic song “Look What You Made Me Do” and it seems like the singer’s edge is here to stay. She’s not afraid of her softer side, but it seems like Swift is ready for a change and wants to grow with her fans and as a person.

Swift’s Instagram account is full of posts from all the positive media reviews she’s been getting since the album’s highly anticipated release. Now, it’s only a matter of time before the money and Grammys roll in. (In fact, reports are already stating that in its first week alone, Taylor Swift’s Reputation sales could reach 2.0 million copies! According to reports, fans were so crazy about getting their hands on T-Swift’s new music, that 800,000 copies were reportedly downloaded from iTunes in the first hour of its release!) All in a days work, right Taylor?

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