Turns out there is something that Taylor Swift can’t do—exercise and sing at the same time! The “1989” singer covers “Jumpman” by Drake and Future, but takes a spill in a new advert for Apple Music.

The ad starts off with Swift mentally saying, “Man, I hate cardio.” She then begins to scroll through her iPhone to look for a good gym song and comes across Drake and Future’s “Jumpman.”

Just as Swift starts rapping and really getting a feel for the song, she falls—hard! However, in true Taylor Swift form, she still manages to sing the rest of the song before the company slogan appears.


According to Rolling Stone, the singer wrote on Twitter that the ad was “based on true events.”

Drake took the PR move on step further and posted it on his Instagram account where it has received 604,000 plus views—and the number keeps rising with every refresh!

Check out the advert below!

Video: Youtube/Beats 1 Radio


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