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“Will Taylor Swift sue Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?” Why? It’s because Kim almost called Swift a liar in front of the media. When Swift denied that her permission was taken to use the word ‘bi**h’ in West’s new video for “Famous,” Kim hit back by releasing an audio tape. The audio tape supposedly contains the conversation between West and Swift about the single, “Famous.” While West maintains that he had Swift’s permission, Swift totally denies it. After Kim’s tape played out in public, Swift said that that the tape doesn’t prove that she agreed to West’s request.

Right or Wrong?

Now, the long running feud has taken a turn for the worse. Swift has accused Kim and West of ‘character assassination.’ She said that the husband-wife duo had no right to use that tape as she was not aware that this conversation was being recorded. According to California state laws, doing this is a crime. Listeners are divided over this issue. Some have said that West has done no wrong by taping and releasing this conversation, while others support Swift. Swift’s fans are furious and outraged that West would stoop so low and call Swift ‘that bi**h.’

What Does the Law Say?

Under California laws, a phone conversation can be recorded if both parties agree to it prior to the call. In this case, it is unclear whether Swift knew that this conversation was being recorded or not. The law is also unclear about whether you can put somebody on a speaker phone without telling them. Using the word ‘bi**h’ is also something that West may get away with. This word is not so offensive anymore since it is being used so frequently, especially in rap music. Still, the word has caused Swift emotional distress and she could bring it to court. The problem is that the tape is not the final word in this matter. West claims he talked to Swift for about an hour about it, but the tape that Kim released was of a shorter duration. Why? There are more questions in this matter than answers.


When Will it All End?

Right now Swift has more support than West. While some supporters have come up with a defense that says, “He is just being himself. It’s Kanye,” the majority are saying that this time West has crossed the line. Swift has accused West of being ‘misogynistic,’ a charge that West can hardly take lightly. Most people are tired of this fight between the two, especially since it has been going on since 2009. We can only wish we’ve heard the last on this matter!

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