Rumors are circulating that young rapper Tay K is out of jail. At only 17 years of age, Taymor Travon McIntyre released the viral hit “The Race,” but was unable to stay out of legal trouble over the past year. Was Tay K released? Here’s what you need to know.

Tay K has had a seriously troublesome history with the law. It began while he was a member of the rap group Daytona Boyz, and was a witness to a fatal shooting by one of his bandmates. He was wanted by the police for investigation, but avoided charges when his friend confessed. In July 2016, he was arrested for charges of capital murder as he allegedly took part in a robbery that left someone dead. Before his hearing he was under house arrest, but removed his ankle monitor and ran off. He evaded the authorities until June 2017, during which time he recorded his song “The Race,” which became a viral hit. It was also during this time that he attacked a 65-year-old man in Texas, and on August 2017 it was decided that he would be tried as an adult. More capital murder charges were brought against the teenager, including his presence in the shooting of a 23-year-old man outside a Chick-Fil-A in April this year. Are the Tay K murder allegations true? That’s what fans want to know.

Until the recent Facebook post suggesting Tay K is free, he has been sitting behind bars doing time for two capital murder charges and one aggravated robbery charge. The hype began on Wednesday evening when an unauthorized Facebook page for the rapper with over 63,000 followers, claimed he was freed from prison. The page posted a picture of the rapper with the caption, “F*** the law. They finally let a **** out on 5 years of probation.” The post was shared over 20,500 times, and received over 10,000 likes. Fans went crazy commenting on the post, some doubting that he beat the case and that Tay K’s probation wasn’t like the rapper said, and others suggested he got a plea deal. Loyal fans continued to root for Tay K’s innocence.

A few hours later the page posted another message, “If I Say I’m FREE Then I’m FREE. Nobody Needs To Lie About Being Home From Jail.” Since his Facebook page isn’t verified, some fans are skeptical, wondering why he hasn’t confirmed the news on his other verified channels.