Instagram style queen, Taylor Alesia shows her love for the online boutique, Tiger Mist. Credit:Instagram/tayloralesia

About Taylor Alesia
Age27 Years
BirthOctober 13, 1996 Arizona
JobSocial Media Personality​

You may know Tanner Fox as the YouTube vlogger who racks up viral views just about every time he posts, but have you heard of Taylor Alesia? Joining Fox’s social media fad is his girlfriend, Taylor Alesia. The cute 17-year-old is a social media icon and has a considerable fan following. Here are some details about Tanner Fox’s girlfriend. Keep reading to learn more about Taylor Alesia.

Interesting Facts to Know about Taylor Alesia

Taylor Alesia was born on October 13, 1996 in Arizona. The lovely lady rose to popularity through her activities on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Alesia quickly became a social media sensation. She now has 852K followers on Instagram and decent fan base of 46.3K on Twitter. The social media star is also quite active on YouNow, the live video streaming service and has about 42.5 thousand fans on it.

Judging by the hype around Alesia, we’re sure that those numbers will increase in no time. Her creative and awesome Instagram posts inspire her fans on fashion and lifestyle tips. On her YouTube channel, Alesia shares her daily activities and whereabouts, tagging them as “Story Time.”

The brunette has also helped another social media sensation, Taylor Caniff, with merchandise on his RV Project tour.

Apparently, Alesia and Caniff were dating during the tour. An excited Alesia shared about her budding relationship with Taylor Caniff on social media. However, Caniff brushed off all rumors and called Alesia “a fame seeking liar.” Ouch!

After that, Talyor Alesia began dating another social media personality, Mikey Barone. But they broke up a few months later. On the family front, Alesia has an older sister and her mother appears occasionally in some of her videos.

After much fan speculation, the YouTube star Tanner Fox confirmed with an Instagram post that Taylor Alesia is his girlfriend.

Here are some adorable pictures from Taylor Alesia’s Instagram for you to check out!

#1. That million dollar smile.

Taylor Alesia enjoys spring

Viral music sensation, Taylor Alesia enjoys spring. Credit:Instagram/tayloralesia

#2. She hits the beach in style.

Taylor Alesia in San Diego

Taylor Alesia in San Diego. Credit:Instagram/tayloralesia

#3. She looks divine here!

#4. The wanderlust in her.

Alesia Taylor in Lower ANtelope Canyon

Alesia Taylor in Lower ANtelope Canyon, Arizona. Credit:Instagram/tayloralesia

#5. Rawr!

Tanner Fox's girlfriend, Alesia Taylor

YouTube sensation, Tanner Fox’s girlfriend, Alesia Taylor. Credit/Instagrm/tayloralesia

 #6. Being painfully adorable

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