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The Great Christmas Light Fight is back, and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store this season! The show features popular television personality Taniya Nayak as a co-host with Carter Oosterhouse. The energy Nayak brings to the show is amazing, and viewers want to know more about who Taniya Nayak is.

Your holidays have begun on the right note if you found a comfy spot on your couch, grabbed a warm blanket and sipped on some hot cocoa while watching The Great Christmas Light Fight last night. For those of you who don’t feel Christmassy yet, the newest season of the popular holiday show premiered last night on ABC, and it is giving us all the Christmas feels! Taniya Nayak stole the show yesterday, and we have everything you need to know about her right here in our Taniya Nayak wiki.

From India to Boston

Born on February 22, 1973, in Nagpur, India, Taniya Nayak’s age is 44 years. Nayak’s family moved to Boston, Massachusetts when she was a baby. Design runs in Nayak’s blood as her dad B.D. Nayak is an architect in Boston.

Nayak pursued a degree in marketing from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell and also got a master’s degree in interior design from Boston Architectural College.

Nayak then went on to establish her own design company Taniya Nayak Design LLC in 2005, and has worked on designs for many television celebrities and music artists. Her unique designs can also be spotted at several famous Boston restaurants.

Becoming a Television Star

HGTV may be where Nayak found fame, but her television journey began with ABC’s Knock First, a show designed to help teenagers decorate their rooms.

Nayak then moved to HGTV where she went on to appear in a string of shows like Designed to Sell, Destination Design and House Hunters on Vacation. The successful run of these shows made Nayak a celebrity. Her work has been featured in a number of magazines and talk shows, and she also had won many awards for her elegant yet functional designs. She is also the brand ambassador of Ellen DeGeneres’ QVC design line.

Nayak has also appeared In Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible, a show that helped revive the fortunes of struggling restaurants.

Nayak’s earnings are estimated to be high considering her continued accomplishments as an interior designer and television celebrity, but Taniya Nayak’s net worth is unknown as of now.

Marriage to Brian O’Donnell

Taniya Nayak’s husband is Boston restauranteur, Brian O’Donnell. The two met when Nayak was bartending at some of Boston’s hotspots like Venu, Felt and, Pravda. She has a bartending experience of over 13 years!

Nayak and O’Donnell got married in 2007. With her marriage to a restaurant owner, Nayak has perfectly fused her passion for design with in-depth knowledge about the way a restaurant works.

Nayak’s Instagram has a few pictures of the couple (and their cute dog, sometimes!), and we love how adorable this little family is!

Looking forward to the weekend! Happy #flynnfixfriday!

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Family portrait ??Say Cheeeeeese Flynn.

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Dreaming of Décor on Instagram

What we truly love about Taniya Nayak’s pics on Instagram are her gorgeous décor shots! Her Instagram feed is every designer’s dream.

Don’t you think this space would be the perfect place to relax with some coffee?

Décor lovers won’t be able to stop scrolling Nayak’s Instagram feed which has many of her mesmerizing pictures, and they are a feast for your eyes.

Nayak brings her love for all things bright and beautiful by hosting The Great Christmas Light Fight. With her charming personality and design expertise, we think she is the perfect choice to host this holiday series!

The Great Christmas Light Fight airs Monday nights on ABC.