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Recently, YouTube star Tana Mongeau released a video on her channel in which she spoke about turning every bad situation in life into “merch” (merchandise). She hinted at turning her leaked nudes into merchandise for profit! Bad idea or simply genius?

Tana Marie Mongeau is a YouTuber, who is famous for her storytime videos. She has over 3.3 million YouTube subscribers and a whopping 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

The 19-year-old was born in Las Vegas and spent her childhood there. Just like the other YouTube stars, Mongeau has collaborated with other YouTubers like Cody Ko, Ricky Dillon, Jonah Green, and James Charles.

Her Recent YouTube Video

On Tuesday, Mongeau, along with YouTuber James Charles, released a video titled, “Roasting YouTuber Coachella Outfits ft. James Charles.” But before she dove into the main context of the video, Mongeau advertised her merchandise or “merch” (as she likes to call it).

She told the YouTube viewers about her latest “NOT A FEATURED CREATOR” and “SAFETY HAZARD” hoodies. After she advertised her products, Charles said that she is a marketing queen, to which Mongeau replied, “We love turning all bad situations in life into Merch.”

Then she made a reference about her mug shots and nudes getting leaked. In fact, one of her hoodies, which she didn’t advertise on this video, is called the “LEAKED” hoodie.

It comes in grey, and the words “LEAKED” are written on the front. The back has a photo of a female’s butt, and she’s wearing a red lacy thong and a white t-shirt. The photo of the derriere looks like it is one of Mongeau’s leaked photos.

The YouTuber’s other merchandise also includes t-shirts.

In the video itself, Mongeau indirectly hinted that she used her leaked nudes and turned the otherwise awkward situation into a marketing strategy. In fact, in February, she took to Twitter and gave the people a piece of her mind!

Here’s Mongeau’s tweet:

Tana Mongeau Tweet

Credits: Twitter/tanamongeau

Social Media Reactions

After the news of her merchandise came out, a lot of people took to Twitter to express what they thought of the situation.

According to reports, many people believe that Tana Mongeau’s nudes were exposed after the YouTuber’s account was hacked. Then again, there are many think otherwise.

Some feel that Tana Mongeau leaked her own photos and is now using it to her advantage!


Jaz Tweet

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Buterahaxe Tweet

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Faith Tweet

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According to sources and the Twitterverse, Mongeau had previously used her mugshots on t-shirts and sold them. She surely is a marketing diva who definitely knows how to turn a bad situation in her favor! Perhaps, she’ll be the next Kim Kardashian?

In case you haven’t watched her latest video with James Charles, then feel free to follow the link below.

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